Acupuncture for premature ejaculation

A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial


2. Materials and methods

After obtaining approval of the local ethics committee, 90 men with self-reported PE who were referred to the outpatient urology clinic at Ankara Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey, between February and July 2010 and who were accepted to participate were included in this randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. All participants were informed, and written consents were taken. All men were heterosexual; sexually active; in an ongoing, stable, sexual relationship for at least 6 mo; and had no other sexual disorders, including erectile dysfunction (ED) as determined by the International Index of Erectile Function questionnaire . Patients with chronic psychiatric or systemic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus; with hypertension; with alcohol or substance abuse; or who used any medications were excluded. Urinalysis and urine cultures were performed routinely at the first examination to exclude urinary infections. Because none of the men had chronic prostatitis symptoms, such as urethral discharge and pelvic pain, further analysis was not performed. None of the men had received any treatments for PE previously.

gr2Intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT), DSM-IV TR criteria, and the Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool (PEDT) were used to assess PE before and after treatment. Men were recruited with self-reported IELTs of ≤2min in70% of coital attempts. IELTs before and after treatment were calculated by using a partner-held stopwatch.

PEDT is a brief, multidimensional, psychometrically validated instrument developed by Symonds et al for the diagnosis of PE. The Turkish version of PEDT developed by Serefoglu et al was used. The tool consisted of five items that capture the essence of DSM-III and DSM-IV-TR: control, frequency, minimal stimulation, distress, and interpersonal difficulty. Sensitivity and specificity analyses suggested a score ≤8 indicated no PE, 9 and 10 indicated probable PE, and ≥11 indicated PE.

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Part 3 - Intense Play

by apaganpoet

I want to give him the same opportunities to experience some sex magic and sexual healing. I want to help him experience jealousy in a safe environment so that he can feel it completely in ways that he’s scared to do in real life. I want to help him face his fears of failing in public by chastising him for such failures in an emotionally safe setting so that he has no performance anxiety in future public play situations. I know one of his challenges is that he compares himself to other men I’ve been with, so I’m going to play off of those fears by deriding him in favor of my past partners

Here are my tips

by film-theater-director

I've worked with actors on films and theater productions. I respect actors a lot (acting is a strange, uncanny, unpredictable medium) but they can truly be like children sometimes.
First, it doesn't matter if they're paid or unpaid. Payment is great, but it won't change who the actors are. They can be professional or unprofessional regardless of the money. So...
Make sure you get some kind of understudy. Even if the actors have to understudy each other. Tell them it's in case they get a cold or run into an emergency. You want to give actors a sense that you value them, but that they can be replaced

5 Simple Changes to Eliminate Back Pain  — Huffington Post
Despite its somewhat cute name, text neck is a trigger for neck and upper back pain. Holding your phone at elbow-height requires you to lean over, putting massive amounts of pressure on your neck.

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After all, some upper back pain when you aren't pregnant isn't necessarily going to make you call an ambulance. When you ARE pregnant? Well, you take extra precautions .. precautions that may just save your life as well as your baby's.

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