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I am an 18 year old male not currently on medications. I have had two surgeries in my genital area, one when I was 8 to bring down an undecended testicle and one when I was 16 to fix a hydroseal hernia or however it's called. I do not know if that is relevant to the problem I am having.

Since December I have been medicated 3 times for pain while urinating and post-urination pain as well as sudden abdominal pain. The medications seemed to make the pain during urination go away(only after the third course) but it was still painful after urination and before when trying to start urinating. Ultrasound and CAT scan for severe abdominal pain revealed no blockages and my urologist was at a loss to explain the symptoms. My GP thought it was urethritis which some of it may have been as the antibiotics fixed certain problems as I just stated. Three or four urine samples came out clean as well. I should also add that I am sexually active and since November have been having unprotected sex with my girlfriend because she is on BC. We have both been tested for STD's and have both come out negative. I also try to urinate right after sex so as to prevent infections.

However within the past 1-2 weeks after ejaculation I have experienced severe pain which starts almost immediately after my orgasm subsides. The pain is a burning pain and occurs in the tip of my penis, along the space between my testicles and my anus(perinum or something I believe it's called?) and also in my rectal area which is what led me to believe maybe I have prostatitis? I looked up the symptoms online and they seem to be similar to mine. Prostatitis would also explain why it is painful to start urinating as the prostate controls urination correct? My first question is do you think I have prostatitis and if so why did my urologist not think to check for such an ailment? Secondly, do you know of any ways to fix my condition, I have read about massages as well as that antibiotics do not generally help? I have also tried taking anti-inflamatory drugs after ejaculation and they do not help with the pain.

- Sat Mar 25, 2006 10:01 am

Hi Deeves,
You complaints are consistent with symptoms of prostatitis. If you did not express post ejaculatory pain to your Urologist at your last evaluation that would be one reason this condition may have not been first considered and others were instead. Anti-inflammatory medications work much more efficiently in reducing inflammation if taken on a more regular basis (with food) for a short amount of time. When taken directly after intercourse there isn't any immediate pain relief only some relief noticed later on. Treatment of Prostatitis depends on the causative factor involved. I will include a link in this post for you to view. I would suggest a re-evaluation by a Urologist.
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Theresa Jones, RN
Thanks a lot. Also a quick follow-up question. Do you think that if my prostate is infact enlarged that too much sexual activity could be causing it? Whether with my girlfriend or masturbation? Could that...

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