Anejaculation treatment

Ejaculatory Disorders and Ejaculation Problems

Disordered ejaculation (“ejaculation problems”) in which there is no semen from the penile at the time of climax is called aspermia. This is different from azoospermia in which semen is present but contains no sperm.

In the absence of any ejaculate, it is important to figure out whether there is a failure of ejaculation (anejaculation) or whether there is ejaculation into the bladder (retrograde ejaculation). Failure of ejaculation can be a lifelong, primary event (congenital anorgasmia) or an acquired problem (secondary anorgasmia).

Specialty board certified Dr. Paul Turek, voted as one of the “Best Doctors in America” for the past 7 years, suggests that the treatments for these conditions are different and important to distinguish.

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The Normal Ejaculation Process

Although commonly viewed as a single event, ejaculation is actually two separate processes, termed emission and ejaculation. Emission is the process in which semen is “loaded” into the chamber of the penis near the prostate within the body. After this, ejaculation is the forcible expulsion of semen from the penis. During climax, the ejaculate is expelled from the penis in a series of spurts caused by rhythmic contractions, about 1 second apart, of the pelvic muscles. Ejaculation is different from orgasm, an event that is centered in the brain and is closely associated with ejaculation.

Similar to a sneeze, ejaculation is a reflex. Also similar to a sneeze, it has a “point of no return” which occurs after the spinal reflex is stimulated. Ejaculation is under control of two kinds of nervous system input. The sympathetic (autonomic) nervous system governs emission and the somatic nervous system controls ejaculation. The sympathetic nerves come from thoraco-lumbar spine at levels T10-L2. They form the superior hypogastric plexus and run in front of the aorta in the back and pelvis. Expulsion of the ejaculate is governed by the somatic nervous system through the pudendal nerve (S2-S4). Interruption of either of these 2 nervous system components can result in ejaculatory disorders.

Inside the Ejaculate



REALISTIC SILICONE PENIS OR BEST or a electrical stimulation device.
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