Anxiety In Sports performance

Parents' Role in their Kid's Sports Performance Anxiety

performance anxietyKids’ emotions unlike adults are more sensitive, they easily get hurt, get frustrated and depressed when they are unable to perform well or unable to meet others expectations. That is why it is very important for every parent to know their role in preventing their kid’s sports performance anxiety.

Thousands of times a day, worldwide, a child or teenage athlete wakes up on game day with a huge knot in his stomach. As he goes through his pre-game routine, his tension and nervousness build up and his thoughts run wild turning to worry and then real anxiety:

“I have to play well today”
“I must have a good game to make my parents proud, they’ve spent so much money and time on me”
“If I don’t play good today, coach might bench me”

Some young athletes develop headaches and other physical problems from this stress and have to bow out of competition right before the event starts…some grit their teeth and do their best to hide their inner turmoil…and most finish their event scratching their head in bewilderment as to why they can’t perform in the game like they do in practice.
Sometimes, this anxiety increases to the point that they eventually can’t take it any more and they throw up before the event. The pressure has damaging consequences to young minds and bodies and often sets them up for a lifetime of unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress.

In survey after survey, doctors report that 90% of all office visits are due to stress. ?performance anxiety We put more stress on them in a misguided attempt to “prepare them for the real world.”

Listen, I work with young athletes every day and I’m here to tell you that

The pressure on young athletes, to come through with winning performances, is much greater than previous generations. They get plenty of real world experience from their coaches, teammates and just trying to keep their ego and self-identification as an athlete intact.

I believe that’s all they need to learn to prepare for the competitive adult world. Unless you’ve got a lazy, unmotivated athlete that really needs to be pushed, parents need to do everything they can to avoid adding more stress and pressure to their athletic kids.

performance anxiety performance anxiety performance anxiety

He was a show prospect. The breeder

by luvaussies

Was going to eventually replace his sire with him. I do agree with you that $1500 for a well bred cavalier is not bad. I was only stating that I bought the dog at 15 months old and still paid that price. I was given the offer to show him in conformation which I declined. I like the performance sports better. I neutered him and trained him in agility.
It was just as well she didn't use him in her breeding program. He has a "wonky" temperament. He can't stand crowds and has anxiety issues when in the agility ring. Even just taking him to crowded public events gave him fits

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