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Scalene-PainNeck and Head Pain is the most common expression of myofascial dysfunction yet chronic headache sufferers respond badly to diagnoses of muscle tension headache. The labels of "vascular" headache or "neurological disease" seem more respectable, more likely to be taken seriously. But "vascular" doesn't stop at the head; "neurological" isn't restricted to the brain or spine. Tight muscles and fascia press, shear, block, and strangle both blood vessels and nerves throughout the body. Muscle tension headache can mean very simply headache due to tight muscles but from there it has been a short trip to Youre just tense and . . . Have you considered psychiatric counseling? with the clear implication that...

The pain is not real. YOU are just crazy.

Many pains do indeed have psychiatric components, but the psychogenic diagnosis is woefully overdone. Strangely, it is rarely applied to knee pain, big toe pain, or shoulder pain, but is used all too often by the physician, who, when asked for the underlying cause of head pain, cannot bring himself to say I dont know. And there's a lot to know. Over 20 muscles (primarily of the neck) refer pain to the head. Several refer pain specifically to the eye. At least three refer pain directly to the teeth for reasons that will never be relieved by fillings or repeated root canals.

Of particular concern is strain or compression of the trigeminal nerve and its branches which mediate tissue inflammation, vasodilation and vascular permeability - all issues in migraine. Over the last few years, plastic surgeons have verified the muscle-migraine connection beginning with the odd observation that Botox injections in the frontalis and corrugator muscles of the brow also eliminated migraines.

Buccinator-painIf irritated muscles and nerves fire off an inflammatory response and vasodilation, is the resulting headache "muscular, " "neurological, " or "vascular"? Perhaps the only real answer is "all of the above" because amazingly enough, it all functions together - or dysfunctions together.

For patient or physician, the following pain patterns may look surprisingly familiar and will, we hope, point the user in the direction of truly effective treatment.

In the following illustrations, black dots indicate common trigger point locations; red areas indicate the pain referred by the trigger point. You can evaluate these muscles with the Cervical and Masticatory Tests excerpted and adapted from our Range-of-Motion Testing Charts.

  1. Upper Trapezius > Tension headache and "bursitis". The trapezius muscle of the back and neck is the single muscle most likely to have trigger points in both adults and children.

    The upper trapezius refers a "fish-hook" pain pattern up the back side of the neck to the head, and around the temple to the eye. There may be goosebumps to upper arm and thigh possibly with nausea...

orbic-zygo OccFront-Pain Splenius Cervicis Pain Soleus Pain
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Pain in back of head with strenuous exercise

by Please_help_me_

Hi, I experienced a really strange occurance at the gym the other day and it has reoccurred the two successive times following.
28y/old female
5'3" 140lbs
I warmed up on the x-trainer for 7 minutes. Then went over to lying leg curl, did one 15 rep set at 40 or 45lbs then got up and bent down to pick up my dumbells so I could do bicep curls between my leg sets. I suddenly felt extreme and excrutiating pain in the back right side of my head that radiated towards the front. I continued to work out that day lightly and was sure to drink lots of water and breath deeply

Head pains

by yumyum1

I don't know where I would put this. I'm 22, and have always had headachs due to stress. I have been getting pain in one eye (right) and it would hurt in the whole right side of my face and head (back of head and neck).
The eye doctor said it wasn't a tumor or the eye. He said sounds like sinus. So I need to find out what pills to take from my regular dr.
But yesterday I got 3 pains in the side of my head (the side that i have the pains in the eye). It lasted 2 seconds, it wasn't HORRIBLE but it hurt (like when you hit your head on something)

Women of ALL ages LOVE giving head

by -

They just do a mechanical head bobbing for a minute or two before complaining about jaw/neck pain, choking, back fatigue, arm fatigue, etc. as a joke.
They don't REALLY want to stop and get down to oral sex for themselves no matter how long it takes.
They are such kidders!

Day 5 of PNW Tour p.1

by stsarah

Day 5, Clarkston to Coeur d'Alene
I tried to sleep in, but alas, my pain levels were at a new high for the trip. I was up at 8am, hurrying to get enough food in my stomach to take my Aleve. An extended stretching session and a hot shower helped, and we hit the road for a lunch date with our Franko family in Moscow. Unfortunately, we left too late to hit a highly rated twisty road just outside of Clarkston, but I'm sure we will be back to this area to do it in the future. We headed up 95 for the short 40 mile run to Moscow, and immediately encountered the worst cross-winds I have experienced on a bike

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