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Back Pain Relief

Back pain targeted relief imageChemical stress includes eating, drinking or inhaling substances that the body finds toxic, even if we think we enjoy them. These substances may include:
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Preservatives in food
  • Smoggy air
  • Even an excess of sweets!

Chemical stressors all affect the hormone levels in the body, which in turn affect the functioning of the nervous system.

Physical stress includes acute trauma, such as an automobile accident or a fall down the stairs, as well as more subtle forms of stress such as holding a strained posture for a long time, sleeping in an awkward position or performing repetitive motions.

Back Pain Relief

With over fifty nerves radiating from the spine, the causes of back pain are numerous. And yet the traditional approach to treating back pain is to treat only the outer symptom – ignoring the myriad possibilities for the pain and doing nothing about those underlying causes. Medications numb the body, dull the mind and offer side effects ranging from irritating to life threatening – all for just a few hours of relief. Exercises can help strengthen muscles – but often overwork already stressed structures, increasing nerve irritation and pain. Surgery involves removing portions of the spinal column or fusing them together permanently, a drastic and risky approach that often results in future problems.

But another method is available, and it doesn’t rely on quick fixes or drastic measures to create safe, natural back pain relief.

Helping the Body Heal Itself

Lasting back pain relief depends on targeting the specific underlying cause of the pain.

“Unlike mainstream medicine, chiropractic doesn’t just treat the outer symptoms of back pain, ” says this busy . “And it doesn’t cure back pain – your own body does that!”

What chiropractic does is identify and locate areas of misalignment within the spinal area that interfere with the nerves and the proper functioning of the body. Then, these areas are safely and gently adjusted, restoring proper structure and function and allowing the body to heal itself.

This natural healing is used the world over; in fact, chiropractic is the preferred form of alternative care in the world. With licensed, well-educated and highly caring professionals, chiropractic is safe and totally drug-free! And on top of that, most insurance covers it.

All you have to do to start down the road to true health is contact a chiropractor for a consultation. You may be surprised at how much time your chiropractor takes with you – asking a series of probing questions to help understand what your lifestyle is like and what kind of symptoms you’re dealing with, performing a thorough exam, explaining both the results of the exam and the plan for dealing with the problems. Finally, the specific misalignments will be addressed with precise, safe chiropractic adjustment(s).

Many people experience back pain relief practically immediately; other folks feel that keeping regular chiropractic appointments maintains their spinal alignment and overall health. Obviously, individual results can’t be guaranteed. But chiropractic enjoys its overwhelming popularity because millions of chiropractic patients are thrilled with their results!

Causes of Back Pain

Books on Yoga: The Back Pain Cure: The Yoga Therapy Back Care and Low Back Pain Treatment Program
Book (Books on

I have bad back and shoulder pain

by no_hanle_for_me

And I was just looking into Fibromyalgi on wikipedia (yeah yeah... not the best source of info). but it sounds like i might have this. my back and neck pain comes and goes, but has been around for the greater part of four years. currently i have pain in my lower back, sides of my back and stiffness in the neck. this is a normal occurrence. How do you get tested for this at your doctors? It doesn't seem like there are many cures, and of course, it also looks like it could be so many other things. yikes... and yes, i think i have that 'fog' they are talking about - and this whole time i thought i just needed more sleep (as it is now, i get 8+ hours every night)

Lol ... $5,000 back treatment. Study gave one

by ewolf

Group the actual injections of spine binding cement, other group given a do-nothing shot that caused temporary numbing is all.
After 6-mos, same results from both groups.
Many in the placebo group reported a successful treatment and back pain gone.
Same percentage as those who actually got the treatment.
After it's all said and done, receiving treatment cures ailments, even if the treatment is fake.
I wonder if the treatment would be more effective if it cost more.


by MsPribyla

Well, I liked it when I was deeply steeped in my crazy, so to speak. I liked that it was extreme and violent--so psychologically, I liked it. Physically--it was jarring.
There was a guy I used to know who rolled his eyes at me once and said, "you know, pain isn't the ONLY way to feel things when you've gone numb."
I said, "Yeah, but it's the one I like best."
If I was lost in space, it'd snap me back to reality. And nothing cures thinking too hard and ruminating too much like being punched in the skull until you topple over.
I don't know. I like sex and violence mixed together

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