Bad back pain

Exercises for back pain - Why exercising is important when you have a bad back. 

Exercises for back pain

When people are at a loss to understand their back problem, they frequently hold the rather bleary notion that 'a bit of exercise' will help, and to an extent this is probably true. As long as activities are not jerking or high-impact, the generalised tightening up of muscle tone, thus making the skeleton better held together, can often make a surprising difference; chronic back pain can seem to be on the wane.

Exercise binges usually coincide with arbitrary personal resolutions or season changes but often as not, the regime consists of wildly casting about; dredging up an arbitrary cache of ‘somebody said’ exercises but with no idea about what they are meant to be doing, nor any reason to be cautious. Understanding the value of specific exercises, what they are meant to achieve and the common pitfalls with each one is a valuable tool in helping manage your own back problem. Understanding is always half the cure.

Broadly speaking, there are three categories of exercises for low back pain

The first set of exercises for back pain is appeasing exercises to get your spine out of acute crisis, then, when you are on surer ground, mobilising or loosening exercise to get the spinal segments better separated and the lower spine less compressed. The last set of exercises for back pain is spinal intrinsics strengthening, to give more power to the muscles that control the individual spinal segments, as well as more power to the retaining wall (the tummy) at the front.

There are only three (yes three!) set of exercises for back pain, and all are easy to do. The challenge is to explain their simplicity, yet their importance.

exercises for back pain - Spinal appeasing

If you are starting off in pain, you will always get better results by appeasing the lower back before you attempt to start mobilizing or strengthening. The most effective appeaser is ‘spinal rolling’. This is done by simply holding your knees while lying on your back on the floor (preferably on a doubled over towel on the carpet) and then rolling gently backwards and forwards along your painful spine. What starts as a stiff, tentative low back, which clunks across the floor like a square wheel, will in a matter of minutes become fluent and painless. It is quite hard work for the tummy (not to mention the front of the neck) and you may need to stop after half a minute or so, relax with the legs crooked on the floor for a moment, then start up again. You should repeat this several times in one session before moving on to the other two.

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Yeah it's just like a pain

by Purrrrrr

Pill. Well vicodin makes me sick as shit (and I don't abuse them) but I remember one time I had bad back pain so I took two 5mg vic and it made me puke for awhile. But no I didn't get addicted or anything like that. Just the once. I like that it got rid of my anxiety but I also don't wanna destroy my life etc. My family has shown me how bad that shit can be.

That's one of the reasons I've learned to always

by -

Return the cart to the proper place. Takes a few extra minutes, but while I'm pushing it back I look it over to see if I've gotten the dog food, the gallon of milk, my perscriptions.
One year, I had to get a small RX for percocet due to some bad back pain. I left it in the cart. I came back about 20 minutes later and it was still there. I decided that I wasn't going to push my luck much more.

Pregnancy woes

by Wolfpassion

Ugh about time I find a place to rant and rave!!!
My boyfriend doesn't even try to understand
My midwives don't seem to care to make me feel better by answering questions, because they feel "it's my second, I should know what I'm doing"
But I don't wanna go through a new doctor and do it all over again
Morning sickness throughout the whole 3 trimesters suck!
And sooo freaking painful all the time, bad hip pain bad back pain, random bleeding, squishy cervix (opened up to two cm) and just blah!
Due December 29. Anyone else due then?


by NYCpreggers

Rant: had a bad experience on the bus yesterday. I suffer from SPD which causes bad back pain even though I'm 3 mo and barely showing. Bus was crowded but eventually a seat became available. A few stops later an elderly woman w/ a cane got on. I waited a few seconds to see if anyone else offered their seats, but in that time a woman loudly shamed me to give up my seat for the old woman. I got defensive so I shouted back that I'm pregnant but will get up (which was my intention anyway)...I think that just made me look like an a-hole though. I spent the rest of the day feeling embarrassed and guilty

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Bad days improve because 'at least it's not cancer'  — Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
Well, as time went on, I started to feel better, but in about mid-July of 2012, I started to have really bad back pain, which I assumed was from lifting weights because I was also a big weightlifter back then.

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