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Healthy Prostate Vitamin & Supplement

I won’t go a day without it!“I’ve been using Healthy Prostate for 6 months. I’m 64 years old and exercise daily. I noticed before using your product that my urination was slow, didn’t feel like I was completely emptying my bladder. Nothing felt right!! Now my prostate is completely healthy and I will continue to use this product daily. Thanks again!!”*
— J. Whitman, CA

No more urges to go!“Within 3 days I noticed better flow and voiding. I no longer have mid-day urges to ‘go, ’ when in reality there was not much urine that flowed. Thank you, Dr. Williams!”*
— G. Sonne, OR

Now have peace of mind!“There are so many ads about how to achieve a healthy prostate. It is hard to believe most of them. I had been worried for years about the health of my prostate until taking your product, Healthy Prostate. Thank you, Dr. Williams.”*
— B. Pillow, FL

*Results will vary.
  • Promotes healthy prostate tissue and function
  • Maintains normal prostate size
  • Reduces the urge to urinate at night so you get a good night’s sleep
  • Promotes normal urinary function and flow
  • Provides antioxidant protection for the prostate tissue
  • Maintains a healthy hormonal balance in the body

senior man exercising on a pilates ballMy Healthy Prostate formula addresses ALL of the issues that impact prostate health. NO MORE embarrassment, frustration, and inconvenience dealing with prostate issues!

It all starts with one of my all-time favorite inflammation fighters. For thousands of years, people in India and Southeast Asia have used turmeric to relieve all kinds of inflammation and aches and pains. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin—a powerful antioxidant that fights damaging free radicals in your body, including your prostate.

Researchers discovered that curcumin is a powerful inflammation fighter. It actually stops inflammation at its source by inhibiting the COX-2 enzyme. No wonder the rate of prostate problems is extremely low in India. In fact, it’s 30–50 times lower than in the US according to the National Institutes of Health.

Doctor's Best Doctor's Best Comprehensive Prostate Formula,Veggie Caps, 120-Count
Health and Beauty (Doctor's Best)
  • Comprehensive support for prostate health
  • Promotes optimal prostate health and wellness
  • Supports normal urinary function and flow
  • Gulten Free, Vegetarian
  • Label images may vary

The best way is to try natural first .

by windshadow

If you take a pharmaceutical hormone replacement it will shut down your own ability to make testosterone . i would want to make my own as long as possible...................zma "zinc magnesium and b6" an inexpensive bb supplement is shown to increase testosterone . yes heavy lifting boosts testosterone . lifting a set or two 20 min. before bed increases gh and testosterone . zinc is vital for gh release, wound repair , immune function and prostate health and more . magnesium naturally lowers blood pressure . all b vitamins are essential for cellular processes . ................................

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