Bladder infection blood clots urine

Blood Clots in Urine

Finding blood or blood clots in urine is a common symptom, which may or may not be associated with a serious condition. Accompanying symptoms may vary, and treatment may depend on the underlying condition that is causing the bleeding.

Seeing blood clots in the urine may be frightening, but it is a common problem. Often, when there are many red blood cells in the urine the urine color turns red, pink, or brownish, and this may considered hematuria, a medical term for blood in the urine. However, sometimes there are too little red blood cells in the urine, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. The presence of blood cells in the urine may be detected incidentally on a routine urine test using a microscope, and this is medically known as microscopic hematuria.

Hematuria occurs in up to 10% of the population, but only a few (about 3%) will see frank or gross hematuria, which refers to having a large amount of blood in the urine. Seeing blood clots in urine is more common among women than in men and it may or may not be accompanied by pain.

Causes of Blood Clots in Urine

Before discussing the possible causes of hematuria, it is worthwhile to note that the urine may sometimes turn pink, red, or brown for reasons other than bleeding in the urinary tract. This means that in spite of the color, no blood may be found in the urine, and the change in color may be due to:

  • Eating large amounts of dark colored foods like beets, rhubarb and berries
  • Consuming food or drinks containing food colorings
  • Using medications which can affect urine color, such as phenazopyridine
  • Having liver disease which can cause discolored urine

Sometimes, menstrual blood may be found in the urine, as well as blood clots from vaginal bleeding, but these are not considered hematuria, since the origin of the blood is not the urinary tract.

Blood in urine, damaged kidneys, any ideas?

by jenni-5

Ashley is an 11 year old spayed female Siamese. She went to the vet because she was having problems peeing. That's been about a month ago. They found blood in her urine and an e-coli infection. She had an antibiotic injection while waiting for the culture and has a few days left of pills that she started after the culture came back. This morning I could hear her scratching obsessively in her litter box (one of the signs we noticed before we saw her struggling to pee, it hadn't happened since she started antibiotics) and when I went in there I found blood in her urine. It's not a lot of blood, but enough to be visible where she hit the side of the litter box and the floor and to make the litter on the side of the box appear darker

Blood in urine or ejaculate means...

by Theo_Greene

Prostate infection. treated with antibiotics and it goes away. doctors couldn't tell me why I kept getting them a few years ago, apparently, they happen with no rhyme or reason.
It is harrowing to experience this, truth be told. Bloody piss or bloody cum looks horrible and can really be inconvenient if you are having sex with someone you dont' know very well.
Antibiotics are the cure, so if you are experiencing this, don't freak out. Help is ez. I haven't had this problem for quite a few years now. This was not a sexually transmitted disease in my case, nor did it have anything to do with getting fukt up the ass

Is this a thing for antibiotics? I've had

by way-too-much

Sex lately and got irritated, thought it was a bladder infection so went to the clinic but all tests are negative. They gave me an Rx to fill 'just in case' it got worse because it wasn't terrible, but now it's burning and there's a little blood in my urine. Is that the 'just in case' or is there another way to deal with this? I hate antibiotics.
I'm also not fond of the burning bleeding pee.

Urine with blood on the floor

by JamminJudi

Check your dogs urinary track for a lump. FOllow the penis back toward the rectum. The center point may have a lump or bump there in the tract. My dog had a lump which turned out to be a urinary tract infection that began to infect the prostate gland. A few days of antibiotics and he was good as new. Hope this helps. Going to the vet is a good idea but we didn't need to because an online website told us what we needed to do.

DNC I feel for you...(kind of late post)

by mandysmom

When DD was 4 days old, we went into the hospital for a fever of 101.5. We had xrays, blood/urine cultures (multiple blood draws, catheters etc...) IV for days with antibiotics, spinal tap, RSV test (sharp things up the nose, throat swabs and many nights in a hospital smooshed between "quarrantined" babies. She didnt pick up any illnesses from the hospital and all the tests showed she was fine. But a horrid experience to have to endure.
The whole ordeal can seem very overwhelming, often way more than needed and very upsetting to new mommies - I know I was a blubbering mess. It can be a very helpless feeling - but, let all the tests give you the answers

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