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Went to Vet today: Blood in my dog pee

Went to Vet today: Blood in my dog peeSo this morning I went out with my peep for my morning walk, and as usual I took my morning pee, however it was pink! I didn’t really notice, and I must admit I have been feeling a little quiet but not feeling poorly. I have been eating and drinking fresh water regularly, plus a couple of low-calorie treats and basically just acting like my wagging self.

However if you saw Trina’s face, you think something major had happened to me. She quickly ended my morning walk and got on her mobile to call my vet for an appointment at once. Next thing I know, I’m being zipped into the back of a car and I went directly to my vet to see what the problem was with my pink pee.

Our vet is really nice and the first thing he did was give me a pat and a treat. Then he asked Trina a few questions:

1. When did you first notice the change in my pee.

During our morning walk or about 2 hours ago.

2. Is Maggie looking like she is in pain when she urinates and is she peeing a lot?

pee collectorNo, signs of pain, (but yes I was peeing a lot, but I usually do.)

3. Drinking more water than usual?

No, the usual amount.

Next he explained:

That there is was no need to panic. Blood in dog urine is a very common problem. However he did say it was very good that she brought me to see him due to its important that i get treated quickly. Otherwise, the problem could spiral out of control and I could possibly die!

There are Five Possible reasons why I have blood in my dog pee…

  • Blood in dog’s urine is most commonly caused by urinary track infection
  • I could have crystals or stones in my urinary tract. These stones scrape the urethra and cause bleeding.
  • I could have swallowed some poison, for example rat poison.
  • It might a tumor, which could be cancerous or non-cancerous.

If I was a male dog, I would also have to consider: Blood in a male dog’s pee could also be caused by an infection of the prostrate. Other signs of a prostate infection include a swollen penis and testicles. …

Give it to one of my males for spraying

by mnbirdlady

It works great to calm down my one male cat. He is about 9yrs old (stray so don't know for sure), neutered. He started spraying in the house summer '07. Thought it was because the animals were stressed as I was going through chemo. But it kept up. He's been through a complete medical work up - blood, urine, xrays. He also gets chiropractic adjustments and accupuncture for a bad low back.
He was taking 5mg a day and it just didn't take the edge off. Recently upped the dose to 7.5mg a day. It has been a great thing. I haven't had any sprays since. I tested him one night and dropped the dose back to 5mg and got to clean up pee

Cat urinary problems...

by nkloud86

So I'm at a loss here, I read so many things online and I've been to the vet twice now with no answers and no luck. My almost 3 year old boy cat Zeph has been having off and on spells of blood in his urine. It's never really dark but it's a light red coloration. He generally will pee in the sink and not in the litter box when this happens.
I went to the vet and they said it's normal for male cats between the ages of 2-7 if there has been a recent move, any kind of stress in the house or even a diet change. Has anyone else experienced this??

Reasonably priced vet care? Cat urine trouble.

by JeremysArt

My girlfriends male cat has had some blood in his urine as of two days ago and has been urinating significantly less over that time (bladder infection/ inflamed/ blocked urethra?). We need info on sliding scale or inexpensive emergency care. She was recommended to Affiliate Emergency in Allen Park, but the exam alone is almost more than we can afford.
Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
Please reply with courtesy. Thank you.

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