Blood in urine Bladder cancer

Blood in your urine may be trivial.

Right now, there are about 500, 000 bladder cancer SURVIVORS in the United States. I'm one of them. Every year, more than 60, 000 people - mostly men - are diagnosed with the disease in America. For about 20% of these people, by the time they are operated on, the cancer will have ALREADY gone through the wall of the bladder. I'm NOT one of those. Of those whose cancer has gone through the bladder wall, about 20% will die within five years. Like many cancers, the key to survival of bladder cancer is EARLY DETECTION. And the main CLUE is blood in your urine. Unfortunately, many things can cause blood in your urine. And unfortunately, CT-SCANs and MRIs are not very good at detecting cancer in the urinary system. And unfortunately, the other way to find bladder cancer - a visual inspection by going up the urethra into the bladder with a camera - can be INCREDIBLY PAINFUL, so people avoid it. I avoided it for six months. A friend avoided it for 18 months, and it killed him. (I didn't know it was bladder cancer that had killed him until after my own experience. Who WANTS to talk about this?) When I saw the blood in my urine, my immediate thought was, "Gee, blood, but no pain. THAT can't last!" I figured it was a bladder infection, which is usually very painful. I went to my doctor that day. There were a lot of "excuses" why it was probably nothing serious. I had just moved a lot of boxes the day before, after not exercising properly for a few months while working on a "big project" so perhaps I strained a muscle or something. I had let myself get dehydrated so that I wouldn't have to get out of line at the recycling center where I was going that morning, which was probably very fortunate. I might not have noticed the blood, except for the fact that there wasn't a lot of urine to dilute it. Bladder cancer doesn't ALWAYS show itself with blood in the urine or the blood may not be enough to see. Fortunately, I had visible symptoms. First, my doctor put me on Cipro, a drug for curing bladder infections. "But why do you think it's an infection when there's no pain when I pee, just blood?" I asked. "Because you're pretty young (then 50) to have bladder cancer, and the visual inspection is pretty traumatic" was the reply. At that point, it was: Doctor 0, Grim Reaper 1. If the cancer invades the bladder...

Experience with bladder cancer in dogs?

by reena34

I'm taking my Holly in for an ultra-sound on Tuesday. My vet strongly suspects bladder cancer. She's 11 and a half and has had 2 UTIs in the last 2 months.
Her last urinanalysis showed no bacteria, but blood in the urine and abnormal white and red blood counts. She's started to be incontinent.
I'm trying to prepare myself for the fact that she has cancer, and I'm wondering what I'm in for. This really stinks (understatement).

Expressing urine for follow up on bladder

by -devastated-

Infection. The techs tried repeatedly over two hours to express bladder, they then said we're going to have the dr. do it since we can't get any urine. Then they brought her out handed her back to me in her carrier and said we got it ourselves the dr. didn't do it.
I noticed something wasn't right as I was driving her home. It appeared to me that her spine may have been fractured or she was under an anesthetic. She couldn't even sit up or move her legs and she was acting sleeping or drugged. By the time I had turned around to go back she was shreiking/screaming and dropped dead.

13yr Lab Blood in Urine all test so far neg

by DiLBeckNCall

History: Kelsa is approx 13, she is a rescue.A Chesapeke/Lab mix. We adopted her about 6 years ago. Her weight then #140. We got her down to #110. Currently #94.
One year ago she was diagnosed/diabetes. Her current Insulin dose is 39 units 2xday. Recent complete blood profile showed better results than a year ago. 2 months ago, she started passing blood in her urine.
Her T4 was elevated, she is also taking a thyroid sup. She has taken antibiotics at onset, for 10 day intervals. The 1st time, the blood came back 3 weeks later. The 2nd time,it came back after 2 weeks, the 3rd after 1 week

Recurring urinary tract infection

by border-collie-mix

My 9 and a half year old spayed female border collie mix had a bladder infection about 6 months ago. It was an E. Coli bacteria and was treated with a course of antibiotics.
Suddenly a couple of days ago she began showing the same signs (very, very frequent need to urinate) so I rushed her in the next morning as soon as they could see her. They took blood, urine, and did another aspiration on a lipoma she's had for a while just to be safe.
Phone call this morning from the vet. Her bloodwork looks great (thank doG!) but there is evidence of bacteria in the urine. They want to do a culture to see what bacteria it is so they can treat it properly

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