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Blood in urine

Blood can be seen in the urine when a patient is bleeding in some part of their urinary system and the blood is being flushed out along with the urine. Common causes include urinary tract infections (UTIs), an injury to the urinary tract, kidney or bladder stones, a tumor growing in the urinary tract, or a low platelet count. (For more information on low platelet counts, see the section called “Blood counts.”)

What to look for

  • Red, pink, or tea-colored urine
  • Blood or clots in urine
  • Pain with urination

What the patient can do

  • Drink about 1 quart of water (or other fluids) during each 8-hour period (3 quarts each day), unless your doctor has limited the amount you can drink.
  • Take medicines as prescribed.

What caregivers can do

  • Offer extra fluids.
  • Help the patient check the color of their urine, if needed.

Call the doctor if the patient:

  • Sees blood in the urine or discolored urine
  • Has pain in lower back or on lower sides of back when urinating
  • Has pink, cloudy, or foul-smelling urine
  • Has symptoms that do not improve after treatment
  • Has a sudden, urgent need to urinate
  • Urinates more often than usual
  • Can’t urinate
  • Has a fever of 100.5° F or higher when taken by mouth, or shaking chills
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Low creatinine levels in your urine and/or blood

by spacecwby2001

I am assuming they are testing for creatinine, the waste product of creatine?
And what are the units of 11.8? micromoles/mL? if so, that's an absurdly freaking low creatinine number!
Anyways, low creatinine levels are typically a sign of health problems. Low creatinine levels could indicate a diet insufficient in protein. It could also be signs of liver disease, kidney disease, infections of the urinary tract, cancer, heart failure, and pregnancy.
But if you don't have time for that, here are a couple of suggestions:
* Eat more than 8oz of beef within 24 hours before your test

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