Burning pain after ejaculation

Burning Sensation After Masturbation

Human reproductive organs are highly sensitive. The male penis is greatly sensitive to any changes. The restricted urethral passage also forces the penis to be highly sensitive. Any restrictions, infections or other such disturbances can cause the penis to have penis burns. Most people directly associate penis burns with STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). However, not every penis burn indicates the presence of STDs. Rather, most cases of penis burn are not STDs at all but simple stimulations of the penis that have “got out of hand?

The most common problem that the young male adult population will relate to is the presence of a burning sensation after masturbation. This burning sensation may occur every time or only sometimes after masturbation. Most young males who experience penis burns after masturbation will start to worry that they have somehow been infected with an STD. Gossip and scary tales of someone that your friend knew contracting an STD after masturbation often compound the problem. Moreover, the embarrassment felt by most individuals when discussing such matters causes the condition to go from bad to worse before any real action is taken.

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