Causes of urine in blood

Different breeds of cats with pictures, description and information on each of the listed domestic cat breeds

"Feline lower urinary tract disorders" (commonly referred to as FLUTD, LUTD, or FUS-feline urologic syndrome) come in at least three distinct varieties. All of them put together affect less than 3% of cats, but for those who are affected, it can be a major problem. Bladder diseases occur in both male and female cats, although males have a higher risk of life-threatening blockage of the urethra. It is usually first seen in cats between 2 and 7 years of age (though some very young and very old cats may develop signs). Episodes of FLUTD are usually triggered by stress, such as home remodelling, severe weather, or loss or addition of a family member.

What are the symptoms of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorders?

The clinical signs of all the FLUTDs are very similar. Cats may go to the litterbox frequently, strain to urinate, pass very small amounts at a time, lick their genitals more frequently or more intensely than usual, or have blood in the urine. The cat may associate the burning sensation of cystitis (bladder inflammation) with the litter box itself, and look for another place to go where it won't hurt. This leads to squatting in corners, in sinks or tubs, on rugs, laundry piles, or beds.

Blockages can lead to kidney failure

Most cats brought to the vet for FLUTD do not yet have blockages. However, it's important to act quickly when you see any of these signs, because if a blockage does occur, the backup of urine toxins and pressure can lead to kidney failure and death in as little as 24 hours.

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