Cures for performance anxiety

5 Big Mistakes in Dealing with Performance Anxiety

1. Treating the symptoms instead of the cause

You’re about to take the stage and all you can feel is your racing heart, trembling hands, and shallow breathing. Maybe you even feel nauseous and you’re having trouble focusing your vision. How could anyone in this condition perform in a way that’s expressive…well, expressive of anything other than dread! It’s no wonder that overcoming performance anxiety is equated to eliminating these troublesome bodily sensations.

But sometimes attending only to the physiological symptoms of anxiety is like putting a Band-Aid on a more serious injury. These symptoms are a natural part of the body’s “fight or flight” response, which kicks in when a person perceives a threat. In the case of a real threat—say, coming across a wild animal trying to hurt you—these physiological responses are good. They help you to more effectively fight or take flight. So if your symptoms are not debilitating and you merely seek to ease them, then you may benefit from pre-performance exercises like deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.

It’s often more important to identify why performing is viewed as a threat, or what aspects of it are most threatening. Identifying the source of anxiety may be the key to performance becoming an activity in which you can be your musical best.

2. Viewing practice as the cure-all

Sometimes the task itself—playing or singing music—is in fact the source of anxiety. Additional practice is the solution if you find yourself taking the stage thinking, “I just don’t know if I can physically perform this music. I’ve hardly ever done it before.” For many performers, though, this is not the problem. They know that they can play or singing the music well, but they worry that they won’t be able to once on stage. In cases like this, simply preparing and over-preparing your music will not likely help. It may even signal a resignation to anxiety, almost like saying, “If I’m over-prepared, then when anxiety inevitably hits, the drop-off in my focus and control will still yield a decent performance.” If playing/singing is not the problem, but doing so for an audience is, then more time in the practice room is not the answer.

3. Overdosing on positive thinking

The term catastrophizing describes when a musician entertains fears of a horrible performance outcome. Catastrophizing is like a dark, agitating, ominous cloud out on the horizon. These negative thoughts are usually vague and exaggerated. Instead of realistically considering “what’s the worst that could happen?” the catastrophizing performer fixates on some nebulous feeling of disaster.

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They only say 'performance' which is a catch-all

by was911

Term avoiding lawsuits. Imagine a driving instructor who denigrates, insults, and yells - could you focus on driving? The job causes enough anxiety without being demeaned.
Yes. there are very specific questions to be asked. Believe me the callers are not all nuts, but just ramble on. Limiting the ramble, extracting information is key. It reminds me of college TV production. There are umpteen things that confuse newcomers, but practice demystifies it. If they trained more with real world simulations, it's be much better than mean trainers. handling pressure situs can be an inate skill, but it is teachable limited only by the trainees ability to manipulate software, people, and peripherally radio traffic

Insomnia is not a physical illness. Insomnia

by is-

Insomnia is a condition characterized by the sensation of daytime fatigue and impaired performance caused by insufficient sleep. Transient insomnia lasts for a few days. Short-term insomnia lasts for no more than three weeks. Chronic insomnia occurs when the following characteristics are present:
* When a person has difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep, or has non-restorative sleep for at least three nights a week for one month or longer.
* In addition, the patient is distressed and believes that normal daily functioning is impaired because of sleep loss.
According to the most knowledgeable medical authorities, the most common causes of insomnia are anxiety, severe stress, and depression

Could it be an underlying

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Emotional issue? For both sexes, women especially, sex drive can be completely eradicated if emotional issues get in the way - maybe you have problems being intimate with him in general? Do you find yourself feeling weird just trying to cuddle or show affection as well?
or maybe because you feel pressure from him it causes performance anxiety?
I'm 23, a male, enjoy my sex life - but my girlfriend is very aggressive and before I was used to it, gave me some anxiety - not like you may think - I still had erections with no issues, it was more a problem of interest

Is that a neurological term?

by -----------

We're not talking about a momentary lapse of memory.
Always remember that a brain is a physical object, with purely physical parts, and those parts are differently physically regulated in different brains. You injest caffeine to modify your neurological regulation. And there are other compounds that modify it in slightly different ways. Some have various mild side effects, some more considerable side effects. Just as with caffeine, which causes many deaths per year.
Although beta blockers in particular are not prescribable in the US for performance anxiety reduction, they are still used by some professionals

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