Dangers of retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde Ejaculation And Male Fertility in Mumbai India

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition that prevents a man from ejaculating semen during sexual intercourse. This can, unsurprisingly, lead to infertility.

What are the symptoms of retrograde ejaculation, and what are the possible treatments?

What is Retrograde Ejaculation?

During normal male ejaculation, sperm are released from the testicles. They travel up through the vas deferens, small tubes leading from the scrotum to the penis. The sperm mix with seminal fluid, and the mixture is then ejaculated via the urethra after the bladder sphincter closes. Retrograde ejaculation is a situation in which the bladdersphincter does not contract properly. The bladder then becomes the easier exit for the sperm, instead of the urethra.

Men who suffer from retrograde ejaculation can still have an orgasm, but with very little to no semen coming out. That is why retrograde ejaculation is also sometimes referred to as a dry orgasm. Infertility is an obvious expected consequence of this problem. Retrograde ejaculation is not medically dangerous. The semen that ends up in the bladder simply comes out with the man's urine, instead. Cloudy urine is one symptom that may give the problem away.

Retrograde ejaculation can be caused by a variety of things. They include certain medications (especially hypertension meds), health problems (including diabetes and multiple sclerosis), and even surgery. Any man who notices that ejaculation doesn't produce semen may like to see a doctor about this in any circumstance, but especially if they would like to get their partner pregnant.

Retrograde Ejaculation and Infertility

Some men who suffer from retrograde ejaculation will still have some semen coming out with their ejaculations. In this case, there is certainly a reduced chance that the man will get his partner pregnant. There is less sperm in the ejaculate that reaches the female reproductive system, after all. But pregnancy may still be possible.

Retrograde ejaculation can be treated with medication in some men. Those who have the problem because of a physical injury, or as the result of a surgery, will not benefit from medical treatment. But those men who have nerve damage as the result of a health condition such as diabetes may well benefit from certain medications. The drugs that doctors sometimes use to correct retrograde ejaculation were not designed for that purpose. They are antihistamines, antidepressants, and decongestants.

Men whose retrograde ejaculation is actually caused by medication may have another possibility - stopping their drug regime for a while, during the period in which they are trying to conceive, or switching to other medications that may not cause the same problem. Needless to say, this is always something that should be done under strict medical supervision.

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Premature ejaculation a common problem among Vietnamese men: survey  — Thanh Nien Daily
It shows that up to 30 percent of the respondents reported suffering from premature ejaculation, of them only 23 percent consulted a doctor and 52 percent openly talked with their spouse about the issue.

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