Delaying ejaculation

What Is Delayed Ejaculation ?

In delayed or retarded ejaculation, no matter how long the man thrusts in the vagina or has his penis stimulated in any other way by a partner he cannot reach orgasm and ejaculation. (If he masturbates himself he can usually ejaculate within a minute or two.) Delayed ejaculation is psychologically caused in 75% of cases.

In the rest it is physically caused and a man experiences delayed ejaculation during masturbation as well. It is, therefore, more difficult to treat than premature or too rapid ejaculation. In the ordinary course of events, ability to prolong sexual arousal responses for a long time would be regarded as an advantage. This is not so with delayed ejaculation, for the sexual tensions build up continuously with no relief through orgasm and ejaculation.

Those many men who have trouble getting and keeping their erections, or who shoot their load within a couple of minutes of starting sex may pray for their recalcitrant penis to stand up proud for hours at a time. This can cause huge frustration and embarrassment, so much so that they may wind up turned off sex altogether with their relationship crumbling around them.

A recent survey found that this condition - delayed ejaculation - affects around one man in twelve. At least, that is the number who admitted to having the experience of not being able to reach orgasm during intercourse at least once in the preceding year - and many of them said that delayed ejaculation was an ongoing problem.

Now, it's true that an occasional problem is of no concern - it can be due to tiredness or stress - but never being able to ejaculate is a fairly serious issue. So what can you do about it?

The answer, happily, is rather a lot. First, think about which part of you needs attention: the penis or the mind? If you can ejaculate during masturbation then there's a pretty good chance that you're up to scratch physically, while if you're having problems while you're on your own, there are some things you need to consider to sort out possible physical and psychological factors - and you may need some professional help to do this.

For example, do you have a medical condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or allergies?...

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I could be wrong but viagra is not effective for

by AlmostAFamous1

Keeping them hard post-ejaculation, or for delaying ejaculation. If they ejaculate, there will always be a refractory period during which they can not get it up.
E.g., Viagra will only help if his problem is not staying hard.
But anyway, he might last longer the more often you do it. I know if I haven't O'd for awhile I can do it in under a minute with a vibe.

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