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Scared to Have a Relationship due to Premature Ejaculation

RelationshipBeing in a loving relationship is wonderful; having a partner to share your life, new experiences, good times and bad with. Just knowing that you have someone there to support you can make your life complete.

Unfortunately, if you suffer from early ejaculation, all this can seem totally out of your reach. You may wonder how you can ever have any sort of sexual relationship with someone if you can’t control when you ejaculate. This problem can seem insurmountable and many guys who suffer from this problem feel isolated and alone, fearing that they will have to spend their whole life on their own, with no chance of finding a partner.

You are not alone! The problem of early ejaculation affects thousands of men all over the world. Because this issue is so widespread, there have been many, many supposed “cures” to the problem of early ejaculation. From pumping drugs into your body, to relaxation techniques, even undergoing medical procedures. All of them promise to help this distressing problem, but how an earth do you choose which treatment is going to work for you, or if it is going to work at all?

Well, thank goodness for Prematurex; a completely natural product that works in harmony with your body to help control the problem of early ejaculation. Packed full of naturally occurring ingredients that will help improve your stamina, vitality, blood flow, let you have harder erections and aids in the production of testosterone.

Why is Prematurex Different From all the Other Products on the Market

So, why should this product be any different from all the other ones that you may have tried? Men who suffer from early ejaculation just want to find something that will help the problem and believe me there are many products out there that promise the world and then the reality is just a let down, literally!

Of course you are sceptical. Chances are that you have heard it all before and think that yet again, it will be money down the drain.

So, here is why this product is different.

  • Prematurex takes a number of natural ingredients, all of which have properties that can help in the fight against early ejaculation.
  • On their own, they will certainly help with this problem, but put together, wow, the effects are unbeatable.

When nothing works... coping with horrible sex

by cautiously_yours

Need some advice from the talented minds of CL.
I have been in a relationship for 6 months with a guy that i was friends with for several years before crossing the threshhold.
Everything in our relationship syncs with ease... except for sex.
Because we have such an unbalanced sex life, i am losing my attraction for him! We struggle with the fact that he is obese, has little stamina, and premature ejaculation.
I have remained as optimistic as i can, encouraging and on board for trying and introducing new positions, aids, ideas, etc.

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  • (Not recommended for patients with a history of depression.)
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