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Low libido is an indication of general decline of the endocrine system, not just the ovaries or testes. It is generally accompanied by a lack of interest and energy in general. Recapturing the “joie de vivre” of youth is the goal with cell therapy at ICBR and a healthy sex drive is a big part of that.

If you’ve noticed a decrease in your libido, it could be due to a number of factors. The solution may be simple, as in the case where the culprit is a side effect from a medication you were prescribed. It could be the result of the physical and mental anguish that comes with dealing with an unrelated chronic pain or, most often, hormonal decline.

Low libido in women

Whether the cause is physical, psychological, or hormonal, our team can develop a treatment plan that restores your vigor to a level that meets your expectations.

Some physical and psychological causes for a diminished libido include:

  • Pain during sex
  • A preexisting condition such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure
  • Side effects from medication
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Issues with your self-esteem

Low Libido - Florissant, MOA diminished sex drive is often caused by a drop in hormone levels. This can be due to natural phases of life such as menopause or breast feeding, or an unexpected hormonal imbalance. Cell therapy targets the endocrine glands and restores the function to a more youthful level.

Low libido in men

Some people think that men should have no problem with their sex drive, and because of this, many men suffering from a diminished libido may keep the problem to themselves. The reality is that many men are suffering from the condition but may be too embarrassed to ask for help. The first step in treatment is to admit there is a problem. While there is no standard measurement for a healthy male sex drive, you have the power to determine when it isn’t what you think it should be.

There are a number of treatable factors that can lower your sex drive. Some of these include:

  • Side effects from medications such as antidepressants or drugs for high blood pressure
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Low testosterone

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Cell therapy is the foundational treatment to maximize your hormonal potential. At ICBR we combine cell regeneration of the endocrine glands with specific dietary, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to get the best possible result.

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There are antiandorgens. They're often used

by Miss_Conduct

As an adjuvant therapy in treating prostate cancer. But you really don't want to go there. Chronically low testosterone levels will substantially increase your risk of heart disease and premature death. They also have other side effects like depression and lethargy.
Since you've done the counseling and pretty much ruled out a relationship issue, I'd look into whether there's a medical reasons for her libido being at the low end of normal. Is she on birth control pills or any other medication? Has her doctor checked her hormone levels? Could she be hypothyroid? All of these things should be looked into before you just give up.
Good luck.

Low testosterone levels are very common.

by Miss_Conduct

About a third of men over 40 have subnormal testosterone levels. Low T would also explain why he's not generally in the mood at night. Men make almost all of their testosterone while they sleep, so his blood levels are highest when he first wakes up.
If he does have hypogonadism there are long term health implications if it's left untreated. His risk of cardiovascular disease goes way up and his life expectancy comes way down. That's in addition to the immediate effects like loss of libido, mild depression, fatigue, etc.
It's a simple blood test to check for it and it's very easy to treat

He stopped a med after 20 years!

by gelg

That's definitely affecting him... but no one will be able to tell you how or for how long.
I assume he was taking an SSRI. He's pretty much the first generation of people to take them long-term and QUIT.
A doctor's opinion will only confuse matters. In general, SSRIs decrease libido so it's reasonable to expect his libido would increase.
But that's complicated by the fact that: A) Doctors were slow to catch on to the fact that SSRIs affect libido. You'd think it'd be obvious, but drug companies denied it and doctors bought the party line that SSRIs have few side effects

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