Erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety

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Any disease or disorder that damages them or impairs blood flow through them can cause ED.There are two fundamental reasons for not being able to achieve or sustain an erection: medical problems and psychological problems. The two often are intertwined. It's natural to develop emotional problems as a result of coping with a physical problem, and ED is no exception. But we'll talk about the physical reasons for ED first.

Medical Problems
Since the arteries and veins are so critical to achieving and maintaining an erection, any disease or disorder that damages them or impairs blood flow through them can cause ED. It makes sense, then, that most of the disorders associated with erectile dysfunction affect the arterial system.Nicotine has both an immediate and a long-term effect on erections. Diabetes is probably the single greatest cause of erectile dysfunction, with 35 to 50 percent of diabetic men affected. That's because diabetes causes vascular disease (disease affecting the blood vessels, including veins and arteries) and nerve damage, both of which directly impact the ability to achieve an erection. Many men with diabetes develop erectile dysfunction during their young- and middle-adult years, although their physicians frequently fail to make them aware of this complication. And many men experiencing ED who seek treatment for it often discover that their underlying problem is undetected diabetes or atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)-a good reason, if you need one, to seek help.

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Do you talk to him about it?

by Dad1956

Sincere discussion of needs? Have his testosterone levels checked? Diet? Smoking? Booze? Pot? Embarrassing Erectile dysfunction or Prostatitis? Nervousness about the job? Kids? Performance anxiety? Is he still attracted to you? Is it more than just sex? I think there are soooo many things to talk about there.


by Wednesday_Addams

: )
I would bet a paycheck (if I were employed) that he isn't losing his hardon because of her or something she is or is not doing. It could be performance anxiety, liquor, erectile dysfunction, medication, or any number of things. The "downward spiral" post above gives sensible advice.
People worry too much about their performance in bed.


by CrabbCakes

Without a medical checkup, diagnosis, treatment, etc., his erectile disfunction most likely will remain status quo. Even with medical care, it may remain unchanged. Or it could be that pharma will help (e.g., viagra, cialas) or talk therapy if he authentically has performance anxiety (seems unlikely if he is experienced and in his mid 40's).
If you don't want to be in a relationship with a man who has erectile dysfunction, then break up with him. If you are willing to live with and accept his condition as it is, then stay with him and explore ways of finding sexual satisfaction

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