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4 Reasons Why You Might Have Problems Maintaining an Erection

Man seated at an outdoor cafe, portraitErection health is important to every man. At one time, it was believed that problems maintaining erections were all in the man’s mind. But fortunately, science has largely debunked that idea. That’s not to say that the mind doesn’t play an important role; just that often there’s more to it.

Narrowing down the cause of erection health issues takes a bit of thought, and perhaps a trip to your doctor. Some issues are quite simple to recognize and address. Others might not be so easy.

But the good news is that science not only identified more possible causes, it has also produced some of the most effective remedies in history.

Erection health issues are by no means a new problem, and men from time immemorial have sought out cures.Happy senior couple walking on the beach You’re lucky to live in an age where you don’t need to carry a trinket or swallow a noxious potion in the name of erection health; most likely, a simple little pill, such as Viagra, will do the trick, as it does for men around the world.

Step one in improving erection health is identifying the problem. With that in mind, here are 4 reasons why you might have problems maintaining an erection, or achieving one at all.

Reason #1: Performance Anxiety

The loss off ability to achieve and maintain an erection can weigh heavy on your mind. So much so, one occurrence can make you wonder if it will happen again, which puts undue pressure on the next sexual experience. This makes it more difficult than before to maintain an erection.

Buy Viagra Legal FDA-approved prescription medication for Erectile Dysfunction From eDrugstore.MDIf one incident triggers another, there could be a snowball effect. Each time sex is initiated, or even suggested, you may shy away for fear of not performing the way you want to, or are accustomed to. And each time, the psychological pressure becomes greater.

It’s easy enough for someone else to say that you shouldn’t let one negative experience turn into a pattern. It’s something else entirely to prevent that very thing from happening.

Communicating with your partner can help. Understanding that erection difficulties happen to most men at some time or another can also help. But the reassurance of a supportive partner can work wonders for alleviating stress and performance anxiety.

Reason #2: Romantic Relationship Issues

On the other side of that situation is relationship issues. If you don’t have the support of your partner, that’s a perfect climate for erection difficulties. It could also be the very cause of them.

While an unhealthy or unhappy relationship isn’t necessarily the physical cause of the loss of ability to maintain an erection, it can play an important role.

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Erection difficulties only when using condoms?

by spuddle

I'm relatively inexperienced as far as the sex game goes, have had a great long term relationship in which we were tested for STDs and then committed to each other but didn't use condom or contraception (risky I know concerning pregnancy but we practiced natural methods and all was fine/lucky).
I'm now dating again and of course know it's so dangerous to not use condoms with new partners however lately I've been having a lot of problems with the erection. I am fine until a condom enters the scene and then it is such a distraction for me that the moment is lost and we can't do anything until I relax again

Erectile Dysfunction issues

by GTDrew

Probably not the right forum for this but I'm looking for all the advice I can get.
I'm having Erectile Dysfunction problems with my fiancée, I'm able to get erect but as soon as my pants come off I loose the erection. I know for a fact I have Fear of Failure and performance anxiety(we have not had sex yet, but have been sexual)She also has some sexual Dysfunction and that I believe is the cause of my Fear of Failure and performance anxiety. Right now we are trying to work on this issue, but my fiancée is not being too understanding about this and she is taking it very personally. She feels very hurt, ugly, and unattractive (which would be a normal response and she is vocalizing this which in turn isn't helping the situation increasing the anxiety for me)

You may

by crazy_dreamer

Have physical reasons for not getting an erection, and because of past issues, the performance anxiety creates new problems each time.... I think psychologically, you may be blocking that arousal when it comes down to performing, because you don't want to fail again.
If you were asexual, you wouldn't enjoy other forms of sexual play. I would talk to a psychologist, honestly. I know it's a difficult subject to talk about, but it could do you good.... maybe check with an MD to make sure everything is a go physically.... :)

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