Few drops of blood in urine

Urine pregnancy test without urine

pregnancy_tests_in_bulkA 25 year old woman presents to the Emergency Department having syncopized in the waiting room, where she was triaged with the chief complaint of abdominal pain. Ectopic pregnancy immediately bubbles to the top of your differential diagnosis.

The patient is too dizzy to walk to the bathroom to give you a urine specimen to check a urine pregnancy test. Plus, she admits that she just urinated in the waiting room bathroom a few minutes ago – so no urine now.

Trick of the Trade

EPRApply several drops of whole blood (instead of urine) into the pregnancy test cassette. In the photo below, the patient was pregnant with a serum beta-HCG level of 250 mIU/mL whose urine and whole blood qualitative tests were both positive.

Both the urine (top) and whole blood (bottom) of the patient was tested on a qualitative pregnancy test kit. After placing several drops of urine or blood in the sample (S) well, a visible bar appeared at the test (T) line similar to the control (C) line result for both, which indicates a positive pregnancy test.

? On a quick Google search, I found that Accutest, Cardinal Health, ICON, OSOM, and Rapid Response all are approved for both. The question is whether this will work for whole blood.

One study (1) in the Journal of Emergency Medicine by Dr. Fromm from Maimonides Medical Center looked at exactly this issue.Pregnancy1 Whole blood pregnancy test performed extremely well, especially if positive:

  • Sensitivity 95.8%
  • Specificity 100%
  • Negative predictive value 97.9%
  • Positive predictive value 100%

In their study, very low beta-HCG values (25, so that probably explains the false negatives for 3 of them, but is somewhat troubling that both the urine and whole blood missed the hCGs of 47 and 50.

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by fine_fine

If the urine is red and acidic but does not contain hemoglobin, myoglobin, or red blood cells, suspect an indicator dye such as phenolphthalein (the laxative in ExLax) in which case the red should disappear when the urine is alkalinized with a few drops of KOH. People with a particular metabolic defect produce red urine whenever they eat beets. Blackberries can turn acidic urine red, while rhubarb, anthraquinone laxatives, and some diagnostic dyes will redden urine only when it is alkaline.

Week 38: Pumpkin (and an update)

by roiethehut

Week 38: Pumpkin
Average size: 18.9-20.9 inches, 6.2-9.2 lb.
Baby might have an inch or so of hair already.
SO - yesterday, I worked, grabbed the herbs my Dr told me to get so hopefully I will start dilating -- went to the pharmacy to check my BP and it was 149/99. Called the Dr and was told to go to triage immediately. I got there and by the time I arrived I was seeing stars - they got the IV port hooked up after seeing a time course of my BP over about 45 minutes - at that point they were going to admit us and I was going to be induced. They go to start getting stuff ready and BOOM - my BP drops to a normal level

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