Free techniques for premature ejaculation

Edging Technique Is Beneficial For Men Who Have Premature Ejaculation Issue

Edging Masturbation Technique For MenEdging is a masturbation technique that has benefits for men suffering with premature ejaculation. Essentially, edging is masturbating until to the point when it reaches just before ejaculating. When point of no return(PONR) is sensed, stimulation of the penis is stopped to prevent ejaculation.

Once the intense feeling to ejaculate subsides, gentle stroking or stimulation of the penis can be begin once again maintaining one’s pleasure highly as long as possible.

When one reaches just before ejaculation, stop and let the intense feeling subsides. The process is being repeated for as long one wants it to last until deciding to unload finally.

Edging can be both for pleasure and training oneself to be able to have full control over arousal. When it is for pleasure, one can last for hours of masturbating without jacking off. However, for those who have issues with early or premature ejaculation, edging can be very helpful.

Point Of No Return In Premature EjaculationTake note, edging beginners who have premature ejaculation issues, this technique cannot be mastered in one session. Therefore, perform edging as much as possible until you will be able to recognized your point of no return easily and be able to hold it back fully preventing ejaculation.

We can say, this technique is one of desensitizing the penis to be able to control and hold back prior to reaching the point of no return. Moreover, edging technique is a great companion for Kegel exercise.

The Point Of No Return (PONR)

The PONR is also called the point of inevitability, beyond this point ejaculation occurs uncontrollably and automatically. Men who have premature or early ejaculation issues are sensitive and reach PONR quickly. Edging is one of the effective technique to train oneself in delaying ejaculation and be able to control fully the amount of arousing stimulation without reaching PONR.

Learning how to recognize the point of no return is very useful for any man who wants to last long sexual intercourse. Commonly, men who are experiencing premature ejaculation feel inferior and sometimes can result to questioning their masculinity. Even some men lose their self-confidence in sexual performance leading them to think they are not fully mature, or undeveloped individual.

Sex therapists also refer premature ejaculation as rapid ejaculation. The good news, edging can help take control of the arousal allowing to recognize the point of no return avoiding early or rapid ejaculation.

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Are you positive that she's being honest?

by minxyme

I mean, the best thing you can do is talk with her about it and figure out what the two of you can do... together.
It may mean a little less foreplay for her, a brief numbing solution for her, or so on.
I'm sure there are breathing techniques and exercises that can help (much like the kind that men would do for premature ejaculation).
The important thing here is for the two of you to talk. I know how hard it can be, but it's also very rewarding.

Pulling cable.

by bigstein79

That is a new one to me. Must be generation x/y/z?...
There are things which help man have good intimate relationships and things which hurt those relationships. I would submit that just doing it, without respect to understanding yourself, or learning to respond, in the context of marriage can damage future and current relationships.
If it is so OK, why are we so hush hush about the reality or make silly jokes rather than share the realities of our feelings of shame and inadequacy.
One objection which makes sense to the unbridled and out of context touching oneself, is that it does not involve anyone else, and the feelings get associated without others involved (porn/chat does not really count sorry)

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