Getting rid of anxiety

Get Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety is a perfectly natural reaction to stressful situations – it alerts us to dangers and allows us to rise and meet life’s many challenges. Without anxiety and fear, human survival would be unlikely (or tragically funny). Work performance evaluations, losing one’s job, divorce, waiting up for a child late getting home, illness, Mexican standoffs, interrogations conducted by Chuck Norris – all of these situations call for our worry, our anxiety. But this normally empowering primal response to problems can become a problem unto itself, as is the case with generalized anxiety disorder (chronic anxiety) and acute anxiety.

Feeling intense anxiety without cause (acute anxiety) or feeling generally anxious most or all of the time (generalized anxiety disorder) is neither helpful nor healthy. This unhealthy kind of anxiety can cause a variety of symptoms: fatigue, constant worry and unease, irritability, depression, muscle tension, insomnia, stomach ache, tightness in the chest, sweating, headaches, diarrhea…Overcoming these anxiety disorders requires treatment and resolve. In the doctor’s office, medication and psychotherapy are the two most often prescribed avenues to healing. There are also many effective lifestyle changes and alternative therapies for anxiety. Though I’ve researched well, I am no doctor, nor is this article a replacement for a visit to see one. Rather, it is an opportunity for you to see what your options are for combating anxiety.

Get Rid of Anxiety

Cognitive-behavioral therapy may be the best way to get rid of anxiety. Some people avoid therapy because they view it as a treatment for wilted, weak people and the foamy-mouthed insane. But therapy, specifically “cognitive behavioral therapy”, is arguably the most effective anxiety treatment available. In cognitive behavioral therapy, patients learn to identify anxiety triggers and distorted thoughts, employ coping strategies, and change patterns in thinking. Put simply, the idea behind CBT is that if we are what we think, we need to control and master how we think.

Get plenty of exercise. When your mind is crawling with restless scorpions, working out feels like the last thing you want to do. Behind therapy and medication, however, exercise is the most commonly prescribed anxiety treatment. Vigorous physical activity causes the body to release mood-enhancing chemicals and endorphins, while suppressing others that can worsen anxiety. Exercise provides an excellent distraction from life’s difficulties. It can lead to an improved self image, a more engaged social life, and greater overall health. What constitutes enough exercise? Most doctors recommend 30-40 minutes daily of any activity that raises your heart rate.

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Get rid of the puppy pads and train her

by JustLucky0602

To potty outside. This is only going to cause problems for you in the long run. Think about it, if you have to have family watch her and they aren't a fan of having her pee/poop in the house what is she going to do or if you just go to visit some one. Also, when you have children or have small children in the home this could be a health issue.
All that aside, it could be separation anxiety or boredom. Make sure that she is getting enough exercise, especially before she is going to be left alone. Does she chew anything else when you are gone?

The alternative is getting rid of her

by 98555

That is one reason the proselect crate was recommended. It has a tray below the dog. She is crate trained and does perfectly when we are home. She is getting plenty of exersize and we always take her out before leaving.
We are at least her 3rd home in under 6 months.
If not crated she destroys furniture, carpet, rugs, walls, and anything else she can get to. We are doing better with the anxiety though -- we can leave for up to about an hour anda half without her deficating or escaping her crate. (she started out freaking out and pottying within the 1st 15 minutes)

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