Help with premature ejaculation tips

Premature Ejaculation Tips

premature ejaculation tipsPremature ejaculation is a subject that makes most men pretty uncomfortable. After all, not being able to last long during sex is shameful and embarrassing, isn’t it? Actually, you shouldn’t feel that way about your PE issues, since odds are most of the men you know have the same problem you do, or did at one point of time! Since premature ejaculation is considered so embarrassing by so many men, what a lot of men don’t realize is that they’re far from alone. Just because no one is talking about it doesn’t mean that no one else has to deal with the same issue you do. In fact, surveys in the past have supported the idea that premature ejaculation is actually the norm. The famous survey by Alfred Kinsey in the 20th century revealed that something close to three quarters of all men ejaculate within just two minutes of penetration. By most peoples’ standards, that’s premature.

So that means that if you ejaculate anywhere past those two minutes, you’re already doing better than most of your fellow men, which should encourage you. Nonetheless, most people also agree that premature ejaculation is a subjective concept, which means that everyone defines it according to what they would prefer. If you’re happy with your ejaculation time and it isn’t interfering with your sex life, there is no reason to consider yourself a premature ejaculator. If however you’re unhappy with it and would prefer to last longer, even if you’re lasting longer than most men, you can consider yourself premature.

How to Fix Premature Ejaculation

Now that you realize your situation is so common, you are probably wondering if there is something you can do about it—something other than get on a medication that advertises to solve all your problems. If you do a little research you’ll find out in no time that those medications carry risks. Not only that, but you also will figure out quickly that you do not have a medical problem. Why take a medication for something which isn’t physiologically wrong with you? While a minority of men may have a physiological reason for ejaculating early, the vast majority have nothing but genetics and psychology driving their premature ejaculation. Why take a pill for genetics?

Premature ejaculation is simple to deal with

by Aretino

Basically he needs to train his body so he doesn't cum so quickly, and so he is in control of when he cums. Some tips:
1. He needs to learn to recognize when he is getting close to the point of no return. This will involve several slow practice sessions with you.
2. He should practice Kegels. This will not only make his climaxes feel better, he'll be able to control them better, and be able to do some nice tricks for you too, squeezing his PC muscles when he is inside you. If gets really good, he'll be able to cum on cue.
3. He should try doing push-out (Valsalva) movements when he is getting too close to climaxing

What would help premature ejaculation?

by littleflirt

Am in a newly committed relationship and my boyfriend is really quick with cuming. Not sure what to do about it. I'm satisfied but I can't see us having amazing rocket soaring sex like i have had in past relationships.
anyone have tips, advise? is this what tantra would be good for?
Does this mean we're not sexually compatible?

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