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Ejaculating PrematurelyIt is not uncommon for men to sometimes ejaculate much sooner during sexual intercourse than either they or their partner would prefer them to. It is not anything to be concerned about if this is an infrequent occasion. However, if this happens on a regular basis, such as shortly after or before intercourse begins, there is a chance that premature ejaculation is to blame.

It is possible that as many as one out of every three men are effected by premature ejaculation at some time.

Both biological and psychological factors can contribute to the development of premature ejaculation, and many men are usually too embarrassed to admit that they suffer it, though it is a treatable and common problem.

There are medications, sexual techniques and psychological counseling that can help delay ejaculation so that both partners can enjoy sex more. Many men find that combining treatment works well.


The most obvious symptom of premature ejaculation is when ejaculation occurs prior to when both partners wish for it to occur, which causes distress or concern. However, this problem may be present in any sexual situation, including during attempts to masturbate.

Doctors usually classify this condition as either lifelong (primary) or acquired (secondary).

Premature Ejaculation SymptomsPrimary premature ejaculation is usually characterized by:

  • An inability to delay ejaculation during vaginal penetration.
  • Ejaculation that nearly always happens within a minute of vaginal penetration.
  • Frustration, distress or avoiding sexual intimacy.

Secondary premature ejaculation is usually characterized by:

  • Causing relationship problems or personal distress.
  • Recurrent ejaculation before it is wished and with minimal stimulation prior to penetration.
  • The development after having previous sexual relationship without any problems with ejaculation.

When to See a Doctor

When most sexual encounters result in ejaculated sooner than either partner prefers, it is time to discuss it with a doctor. Even though a man may feel as if though he needs to fix the issue himself, treatment may still be required in order to achieve a satisfying sex life.

Premature ejaculation is simple to deal with

by Aretino

Basically he needs to train his body so he doesn't cum so quickly, and so he is in control of when he cums. Some tips:
1. He needs to learn to recognize when he is getting close to the point of no return. This will involve several slow practice sessions with you.
2. He should practice Kegels. This will not only make his climaxes feel better, he'll be able to control them better, and be able to do some nice tricks for you too, squeezing his PC muscles when he is inside you. If gets really good, he'll be able to cum on cue.
3. He should try doing push-out (Valsalva) movements when he is getting too close to climaxing

What would help premature ejaculation?

by littleflirt

Am in a newly committed relationship and my boyfriend is really quick with cuming. Not sure what to do about it. I'm satisfied but I can't see us having amazing rocket soaring sex like i have had in past relationships.
anyone have tips, advise? is this what tantra would be good for?
Does this mean we're not sexually compatible?

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