Improving prostate Health

Eat your way to a healthy prostate

Support: Celebrity chef Raymond BlancThere is growing scientific evidence that strongly suggests diets rich in certain foods can help prevent prostate cancer and its spread.

There is also evidence to indicate the harmful effect of other foods. Prostate cancer is often slow to develop and spread, so strategies that can influence its progression are worth considering.

For those with the condition, a controlled diet may provide the only means of active treatment. Here we untangle the science and show how, by following our tips and enjoying recipes by celebrity chefs from Raymond Blanc to Gordon Ramsay, you can improve the health of your prostate.

Allium vegetables contain compounds with anti-cancer propertiesEach year there are 35, 000 new diagnoses of prostate cancer. It is the most common cancer to affect men in the UK with about 80 per cent having evidence of prostate cancer at post-mortem examination, although it accounts for only 12 per cent of male cancer deaths.

Prostate cancer has become more common during the past two decades, though this is partly due to more widespread screening.

The numbers vary greatly between countries, with the highest rates reported in the U.S. and Sweden and the lowest in Japan, India and China.

graphicThis reported variation may also be partly due to differences in the availability of screening and detection techniques, but it is widely accepted that at least some of it is due to differences in diet.


The prostate is part of the male reproductive system and its function is to secrete a fluid that forms a constituent of semen.

This fluid is alkaline and protects sperm from the acidity inside the female reproductive organs. The prostate also contains muscles that help to expel semen during ejaculation.

Dairy products provide our main source of calciumSexual dysfunction, fertility problems and incontinence are common problems experienced once the prostate has been removed, which is why this is not done unless absolutely necessary.


The causes of prostate cancer are not fully understood, but there are several known risk factors, the greatest of which is age, with risk increasing rapidly from 50 onwards.

The existence of prostate or breast cancer in an immediate family member also increases risk.

Men of African-American descent appear to have an increased risk while men of Asian descent have a lower risk. These risk factors cannot be modified.

Summer fruits in red wine, Monbazillac, basil and mint Recipe
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Healthy water

by superwater

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My father has prostate cancer.

by 98557

As he's in his 80's and has been having increasing health problems for years... I've been expecting something like this.
What's most puzzling to me is how little I feel about this.
It was a very poor excuse for a family, lots of abuse and such. Once I got past the hate, it seemed there wasn't any real emotions left, but... I always assumed I'd feel more for my folks when the end approached.
Anybody with similar experiences?

Sicko is nonsense

by rico_suave

For all its problems, the United States still provides the highest quality health care in the world.
Eighteen of the last 25 winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine are U.S. citizens or work here. With no price controls, free-market U.S. medicine provides the incentives that lead to innovative breakthroughs in drugs and other medical technologies. U.S. companies have developed half of all the major new medicines introduced worldwide during the past 20 years. In fact, Americans played a key role in 80 percent of the most important medical advances of the past 30 years.
Instead, Moore focuses on life expectancy, suggesting people in Canada, Britain, France and even...

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