Lots of blood in urine

Blood in urine, drinking a lot and vomiting

Very sick dog.

Species: Dog
Breed: husky mix
Age: 1-2 years

Last night I noticed my dog had diarrhea and bad gas, but I thought she was just a bit stressed because I had been away for a couple of weeks. This mornning, in the snow I saw that she had had blood in her urine last night too. Today she suddenly got very shakey and stood still for a long time looking very uncomfortable and strange. She wouldn't sit or lie down, and when she did, it took a long time for her to roll onto her side. I haven't noticed any more blood, but her urine is very yellow, and she has had many bowls of water, and went for the toilet water whenever she emptied her bowl. I gave her a kibble to see what she'd do and she buried it in her bed. She tried to throw up a couple of times but nothing came up, just burps afterward. She's been sleeping pretty much all day.

Dr. Marie replied:

I'm sorry to hear that Tootoo is not feeling well. There are a lot of things that can cause diarrhea. Often, as you mentioned, stress can cause diarrhea. But stress shouldn't cause the other symptoms that you wrote about.

Blood in a dog's urine is never something normal. Also, the fact that she is very thirsty has me really concerned. An extreme thirst in a dog can be a sign of a very serious kidney problem. Some dogs can get a kidney problem by eating something toxic. For example, antifreeze is extremely toxic to kidneys. Or, certain plants can be toxic. We have been hearing a lot of stories of dogs getting serious kidney disease after eating chicken jerky treats.

Sometimes the cause for kidney disease is not easy to find. A condition called leptospirosis can cause serious kidney problems. Or, an infection in the kidneys could be the culprit.

Another possible reason for thirst, lethargy and blood in the urine would be if Tootoo has something bleeding internally. If she has any exposure to rat poison this could be what is happening. Or, if she has been roaming free and had some type of accident such as being hit by a vehicle she could have internal bleeding. This is less likely than kidney disease though.

A serious liver problem is possible as well. This could explain the yellow urine. There are a number of things that a dog could eat that could be toxic to the liver.

Another possible reason for her symptoms is a serious infection in her uterus called a pyometra. (This would only be possible if she is not spayed). Pyometra is not that common in dogs as young as she is.

In any case, what you are describing sounds very serious. Is there any way you can get her to see an emergency vet today? If this is a serious kidney problem then the longer we wait the more danger she is in. The vet will examine her and will likely do tests on her urine and her blood to determine what is going on.

Welcome! There are lots of different kinks

by PhysicsandSpirits

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Sandy's Final Update, some pics, & my want

by BigSavageDogs

She's still bloated but she's walking again. Not a lot and not well, but walking. We're waiting for blood and urine tests to come back, but basically she's just getting old and this is the beginning of a road (long or short, we are unsure) of ups and downs, failing organs and inevitably the close to a lush and eventful life. I think my dad is considering getting a small dedication tattoo of her on his arm ("My heart on my sleeve") because she was his dog more than anyones. But since the two of them have been reunited both are doing fantastic under the circumstances.
Thank you times a million to everyone who send good feelings and support

Urinary issues - looking for suggestions

by CaliCatter

About 4 months ago I took in a new foster dog. He is an 11 year old Welsh Terrier. His owners were put into a hospice home and the family was going to put him to sleep. I intended on finding him a home (which I was told he was 6 until I got the vet records) but he has been having lots of urinary accidents.
He can hold his urine in his crate overnight and most of the time when I'm at work but some days and nights has accidents. When loose in the house he will pee on the floor an hour after being outside and urinating.
He was neutered at a young age. When he urinates outside it appears that he's emptying his bladder

Help/advice please-Cat Not Peeing-long

by dogcatcat

I have a 1 yr old neutered cat that was showing unusual (for him) peeing yesterday. He tried peeing twice yesterday and only a drop came out each time. Then went a tiny bit around 8pm, he usually pees much more. He didn't pee all night and went a tiny bit around 6am, but he was closing his eyes so I thought he might be straining. He would not let me know probably if he was in pain. After that 6am try, he tried about ten min later and nothing came out at all. I've never seen him do that
before yesterday. he went a tiny little bit at 12noon. He's drinking Lots of water. No blood in urine

Depends on the type of test

by DoctorVelvet

A lot depends on what type of test they do - blood versus urine.
blood tests detect actual THC in your bloodstream, and are usually clear with 12 hours, although some tests can detect traces up to 24 hours.
urine tests do not actually test for THC, but for specific metabolites left in your system for a considerably longer period of time. This is the much more common test - despite some serious flaws with them. The problem is that the main metabolite from cannabis use is fat soluble - so it stays detectable in the the system for up to three weeks BUT ... as you get past one week the odds of a positive test result start to decline significantly

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