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There's been a lot written about how to increase libido and sexual function through the centuries. Its seems to have been the focus of every single human civilization, and also the secret dream of every woman and man.

In reality, peoples' libido levels vary so greatly there's no such thing as 'normal' libido levels. Its a strictly personal thing, and only you know if you have balanced sexual function.

In the body, if the reproductive organs have developed properly and are functioning well, then the only thing affecting sexual function is the Endocrine System's head of operations - the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Pineal axis in the root of the Brain. These three glands work together to manage most of the vital energy distribution in the body. When they don't work together well and/or are unable to get their commands through to the rest of the body, the reproductive organs and other endocrine glands in particular, we face all kinds of problems - from manic depression and identity crises to weight metabolism problems and low libido.

This is why, given a person's reproductive system is physically well, low libido means an imbalance in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Pineal gland axis.

Rehabilitating these for balanced hormonal and pheromonal function is a long term thing. It means sleeping deep every night, learning to breathe deep and slow rather than short quick shallow breathing, and more than anything else, learning to relax instead of being stressed out all the time.

Energy Medicine for low libido levels focusses on balancing the endocrine function of the body. Once the endocrine system gets into stable function it means you'll automatically start sleeping regularly and deep, relaxing while awake, and this means a whole lot of energy gets sent to the sexual organs, energy that's obviously not reaching right now.

Energy Medicine also aims at balancing the conversion of vital energy in the body to sexual energy and vice versa. Every time we are relaxed, the nervous system relaxes as well and when this happens, the endocrine gland the Pineal gland, orders that the energy we are saving by relaxing be sent to the bones, muscles, skin hair and teeth - all of which are storage spots of sexual energy.

Interesting development

by mmarch

Lead researcher Professor John Thorp, of the University of North Carolina, told the European Society for Sexual Medicine: "Flibanserin was a poor antidepressant.
"However, astute observers noted that it increased libido in laboratory animals and human subjects.
"So, we conducted multiple clinical trials."
The women in the studies who took 100mg of the drug once a day for their low libido reported significant improvements in their sexual desire and satisfactory sexual experiences, he said

All drugs create chemical imbalances

by out-of-here

In an attempt to alleviate your symptoms. I say symptoms because drugs don't treat the cause of your anxiety, depression, or any other psychological condition. So while drugs might make you anxiety level lower they will do so at a cost. They might give you side effects like confusion, apathy, mental dulling and slowness, sexual dysfunction, low libido, muscle aches, agitation, irritability, etc. Doctors know that drugs are a quick fix that isn't healthy but medicine can't resist the profits that drugs provide. If you really want to be mentally healthy you will steer clear of drugs and look for therapies that are good for your whole person

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