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The "Wheeler" Mediterranean Diet

wheeler mediterranean diet
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Dietary Protocol

The best diet is one that is nutritious and uses sound dietary principles. To be successful, a dietary protocol must be easy to follow, easy to access and be affordable. The basic principle of any diet relies on the intake of calories from your dietary choicesas energy resources, as well as the requisite expenditure of energy (calories lost) associated with daily activities. Any imbalance in the exchange of calories over a 24 hour period will tip the scales by enhancing weight gain or, conversely, weight loss. Beyond a diet that supports a healthy lifestyle, questions surround the “source of calories” that complement the basic food groups.

I believe is that the Mediterranean Diet includes most of the principles associated with healthy eating, although by making or adopting some modifications it can become an even better diet which does not support the growth of cancer. The Modified Mediterranean Diet has become known, to my patients, as the “Wheeler Diet” or “Prostate Diet”. The diet is built on sound nutritional doctrines and avoids controversial foods or nutrients including animal and/or dairy fat, CoQ10, Lycopene, Chondroitin, Flax and Beta carotene. These supplements have been shown to hasten the growth of prostate cancer cells.GQG Anti-oxidant formula The principles of the modified dietinclude appropriate nutrition, adequate exercise, stress reduction and education. These principles enable prostate cancer patients to thrive with the disease, while avoiding lifestyle altering treatments, such as radiation or surgery (refer to Prospective Diet and Nutritional Study). In effect, many patients with known cancers are living a better life with cancer than prostate cancer patients who have received definitive treatment. Additionally, a nutritionally validated diet supports systemic healthwhileenhancing maximum output from the various organ systems. In other words, the “Wheeler Diet” specifically promotes a healthy heart, a healthy prostate in men, a healthy colon, a healthy brain and so forth.

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A vegetarian diet can be healthier

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If properly planned, vegetarian diets can provide all the nutrients you need. In addition to that, being a vegetarian can actually be better for you. In general, vegetarians:1
* Weigh less than people who eat meat.
* Are less likely to die of heart disease.
* Have lower cholesterol levels.
* Are less likely to get:
o High blood pressure.
o Prostate cancer.
o Colon cancer.
o Type 2 diabetes
From health link BC.

Terrific! I'm there!

by foodie415

I'm salivating now. In the summer I live on tomatoes. I still love those juicy tomato sandwiches with salt and peeper and lots of Helmans mayo. Eat them over the kitchen sink! Tomaotes They are good for the health and with great nutrients. I read that for men eating lots of tomatoes reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Someone else swears by a glass of tomato juice with tabasco reduced his blood pressure. I don't know if any of it is true but I will continue devoring everything tomato.

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