Orgasmic anejaculation

Ejaculation Dysfunction Treatment

Options for men that don't respond to ViagraAnejaculation is the inability to ejaculate semen despite stimulation of the penis by intercourse or masturbation. The causes can be psychological or physical and anejaculation can be situational or total.

Situational anejaculation means that a man can ejaculate and attain orgasm in some situations but not in others. Typically, situational ejaculation is stressed induced and occurs selectively. For example, a man who is able to ejaculate at home may not be able to do so in order to provide a specimen in a clinic because he is self conscious and anxious. In some instances, a man may be able to ejaculate and attain orgasm with one partner but not with another. This usually occurs when there is a psychological conflict in a relationship and difficulty with one partner. In total or complete anejaculation the man is never able to ejaculate, either during intercourse or through masturbation. In the absence of spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis, deep-rooted psychological conflicts may be the cause for this scenario. Such men however, usually have normal nocturnal (night) sleep emissions of semen.

Total anejaculation is further divided into anorgasmic anejaculation and orgasmic anejaculation. In anorgasmic anejaculation the man is never able to reach an orgasm in the waking state (either by masturbation or by intercourse) and does not ejaculate. This failure to reach an orgasm is sometimes attributed to psychological inhibitions, as was previously mentioned. Some may need a high amount of stimulation before they reach orgasm and do not get this stimulation during intercourse or masturbation. Low serum testosterone levels or psychotropic medications may also prevent men from reaching orgasm and ejaculation. Hormonal therapy for the treatment of prostate cancer can also render men anorgasmic. Most men following complete or incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) will lose their ability to ejaculate and have an orgasm. Approximately 60% of spinal cord injured males will continue to be able to have erections however. In some instances, men taking medications known as serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (Paxil, Zoloft, Lexapro) will experience ejaculation without the sensation of orgasm.



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Electroejaculation is a procedure used to obtain semen samples from sexually mature male mammals. The procedure is used for breeding programs and research purposes in various species, as well as in the treatment of an ejaculatory dysfunction in human males

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