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Male Sexual Performance Anxiety

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Masters and Johnson Treatments
There is actually a multitude of different remedy treatments. One of the treatment cures for erectile dysfunction that was developed some time ago by Masters and Johnson is what is known as a sensate focus technique.

Sensory stimulation
Through a series of four stages, what a person begins to learn to do is to stop focusing on the end result, which is orgasm, and worrying about whether or not you can go ahead and achieve that or provide your partner with the opportunity to achieve that, and start focusing more on what the sensory stimulation is like, what it feels like to actually enjoy being stimulated, what are the ways in which you can go ahead and pleasure each other, and it takes the focus off of what's happening at the end.

So you'll start off with a stage where you'll keep your clothes on, and you'll actually just go ahead and touch each other and communicate with each other.

Once you're doing that for a while and you're comfortable with that, you'll move to the second stage, where they'll be caressing and touching and communication without clothes. The third stage is actually being inside your partner but not thrusting, and the last stage is actually thrusting. But the focus is on the sensations. That's why they call it "sensate focus."

Analytical Therapy (or Hypnoanalysis and Hypnotherapy) To Boost Confidence

Analytical Therapy on the other hand, (which is psychotherapy / psychoanalysis using hypnosis) can be very effective in dealing with the more deep-seated problems that many men have. Though erectile dysfunction (ED) and other losing erections hindrances can have biological causes, for many the problem is psychological.

Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy or Hypnoanalysis) is often utilized when logic and reassurance aren't sufficient to get those inner thought processes convinced because hypnosis is designed to speak to those inner, more primative areas of thinking. Consider the use of hypnosis to reduce nagging, self-conscious losing erections thoughts during making love, to foster a more relaxed and confident sense of self, to optimize self-esteem...

Gay Men on Antidepressants with sexual anxieties

by hankhi

Any other gay men out there in the same boat? I am a GWM 41 who came out at the same time as HIV/AIDS appeared. Unlike most of my peers I was terrified and although openly gay.....stayed on the sidelines as far as sex went. I let my behavior become a phobia and along with alot of other anxieties I experience and some depression thrown in for good measure found myself at a complete nervous breakdown at 28. I have been on ssri antidepressants since and have made enormous strides (espicially using Ration Emotive Behavior Therapy...mostly on my own) I take a half of a Celexa daily. It probably isn't even working anymore but the placebo effect is amazing

Why do men take it so personally?

by unselfemployed

Sometimes we're tired
Sometimes we're distracted
Sometimes we're dealing with PMS/hormones
Sometimes the foreplay wasn't long enough
It's not the ride'em pony outside the supermarket, where you put in your quarter (or your dick) and the pony jumps up and down for a few minutes.
Sometimes we just enjoy the closeness
Sometimes we just enjoy making you happy
But do NOT add "performance anxiety" to the sexual menu: "Not only do I want sex daily, it has to be GREAT sex, that leaves you sweaty and screaming

What I've been told by some men

by KeepItMovin

Who are in their 40's is that they no longer have the stamina and sexual appetite that they once had as younger men. Also, stress, decreasing testosterone levels, high expectations to perform, etc, can really have a huge impact on a man's libido and sexual performance.
Does he have a high-stress job? Does he have any health problems? Is he taking any medications? These are all areas of his life that you need to consider for they all can impact his sexual performance.
During sex, have you told him what you want? Have you ever showed him how to touch you, etc. etc.? If you have, and he seems to pull back or not seem interested, it may be time to address any sexual issues with him

Mechanical and vanilla with no foreplay

by pooxxx

What happens when you express your need for cuddling, fondling, ego-boosting?
Are there things he's tried in bed (maybe when you were first together) that you reacted strongly to in a negative way? That discourages experimental behavior and kills passion. Is he intimidated by your vigor and is he afraid that you'll want more than he can give? Does that give him performance anxiety of sorts?
Rather than assuming the problem is with him (low sex drive, attracted to men, etc) take a look at your relationship and how things have really been over the time you've been together

Men are visualists

by bizzy_beez

So it's not uncommon for you to have to get a mental picture of soemthing that turns you on to orgasm. It sounds like you might be having some mild anxiety when you're with a person physically. You might be stressed about your performance or focusing too much on the grand finale. Once you get with a partner that you are comfortable with physically and emotionally, your anxiety should subside. good luck.

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