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Upper Back Pain Relief – Trigger Points & Muscle Imbalances

upper back painWhile lower back pain and neck pain tend to get the most attention because they’re far more common, getting upper back pain relief is every bit as important for those suffering from it.

Upper back pain is less common mainly because your thoracic spine is much more stable than other areas of your back and neck.

Your thoracic spine consists of the 12 vertebrae in your upper back that your ribs connect to – a pair to each vertebra. Since the top nine pairs of ribs curve around to join in the front at your breastbone, mobility is greatly limited while this part of your spine is better protected against injury and degeneration.

Outside of an accident or other form of trauma, most upper back pain is some form of myofascial pain. Thankfully, upper back pain relief is within reach for almost anyone once you address the two primary sources of upper back myofascial pain.

Forward Head Posture DysfunctionUpper Back Pain: Muscle Imbalances

As you continue to use one or more sets of muscles, they grow stronger and tighter. When opposing muscles are underused, they are pulled out of shape by the overused muscles and progressively weaken over time. This leads to unnatural postures, or postural dysfunctions, as the tighter muscles continually pull your body in one direction and the weakened stretched out muscles fail to maintain their position.

Out of the four primary postural dysfunctions, a forward head posture is the one most commonly associated with upper back pain.

Think of how you spend much of your day. In fact, observe how you’re sitting right now as you read this article.

Upper Back Trigger PointsIs your head and neck leaning forward towards the computer screen (or paper if you printed this article)? If so, chances are high that you have already developed significant muscle imbalances between your chest and upper back, front and rear shoulders, and front and rear of your neck.

Now for the good news. Once your muscle imbalances are corrected, posture dysfunctions resolve themselves and the pain caused by these muscle stressors goes away.

You can correct muscle imbalances in three simple steps:

Identify the specific muscle imbalances (which muscles are tight? which are weak?)

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain and Stress Relief with Kanta Barrios
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Arthritic Back Pain Relief

by Generation_X

I have had degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my back for years. I never went a day without pain. One day a friend suggested I try a new product that was not only all natural and very nutritious but had help people with back pain. I tried it and now I am pain free. If you would like to find out more check out this site

Back Pain Remedies

by enver

There is more tha one way to skin a cat and more then one fish in the sea. And for people who have back pain, there is more than one technique to fight the ache and agony of a belligerent back.
Relief with exercise
All kind of exercise score high on our hit parade of back pain methods. Stretching the muscles in the lumbar , lower back area that are probably tight in fact helps a lot.Strengthening the stomach muscles is a great way to help prevent lower back pain. Keeping your lower back firmly on the floor during a sit up does help prevent strain to weak back muscles

Back pain is not for babies! This is

by Anonymous222

One thing that will bring an adult down to size. You maybe ca sit on a chair for 10-15 minutes and then must get up and move around, you move around and that helps some and then you have no choice but to lay down and relief the pressure from you back.
There are a few good days and then you want to whip the world and have the hope it will get better, and sits you on your a** and reminds you that was only a small reprieve for the days of agony you were in.
Back pain is not for babies, and if you are a baby, you will grow up REAL quick.
When I get a good day, I will do all I can to extend it, but sometimes I will be in the middle of a store and all of a sudden I must call the front desk and ask for one of their carts because I can't manage any longer, or my...

Fudgie (and others) who have back pain problem

by pdxrain

Yoga may help! You should try it.
"People plagued by chronic lower backaches may find some relief in yoga class, researchers reported Monday.
Their study of 101 adults with persistent low back pain found that a gentle yoga class seemed to be a better alternative to either general exercise or a self-help book. Though people in the exercise class eventually improved to a similar degree as their yoga-practicing counterparts, yoga class brought quicker results..."

Relief from Pain

by buc

Try these 2 products. ReginiCARE and AgelessXtra. Everyone I have referred these to has experienced immediate relief. Proven more effective than the leading pharmaceutical product in a double blind, placebo controlled, human clinical trial. 100% money back guarantee too so no risk.

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