Painful male ejaculation

Shedding Light on Male Pelvic Pain and Sexual Dysfunction

male-pelvic-painGuest blogger Dr. Jeannette Potts, of Vista Urology and Pelvic Pain Partners, has a great deal of experience treating male pelvic pain. In this post, she sheds some light on sexual dysfunction associated with male pelvic pain.

The continued misuse of the generic diagnosis, “prostatitis, ” remains a disservice to the vast majority of patients suffering from pelvic and genital pain frequently associated with lower urinary tract symptoms and sexual dysfunction. Growing evidence over the past two decades shows that fewer than 10% of patients have an infectious cause for their symptoms and that end-organ or prostatocentric approaches are inadequate. Meanwhile, more comprehensive care, emphasizing biopsychosocial and neuromuscular components of pain, have been shown to be more beneficial for men suffering with UCPPS. And indeed, the NIH-NIDDK conference of 1996 recognized the fact that the condition may not be a malady of the prostate to begin with!

Unfortunately, when UCPPS is associated with sexual dysfunction, i.e. painful ejaculation or post coital discomfort, patients are more likely to be diagnosed with prostatitis and, therefore, even more likely to endure weeks of unnecessary antibiotic therapy.

Sexual dysfunction in this setting can be manifest in many ways: Dysorgasmia (painful ejaculation), post ejaculatory or post coital aching or pain, painful arousal, and decreases in erectile function and libido secondary to the pain, fear and anxiety.

(It is important to reassure men about these secondary effects, as many believe they have a separate terrible disease.)

During my career, I’ve developed a theory regarding dysorgasmia and postcoital discomfort, within the context of pelvic neuromuscular floor dysfunction and myofascial trigger points. In patients suffering from these sexual symptoms, the pleasurable sensations and “spasms” of orgasm evolve into painful contractions and abnormal tightening of the pelvic floor. This is worsened and perpetuated by the anticipation of yet another unpleasurable or painful climax. (Imagine trying to enjoy sex while fearing the approach of orgasm as pain rather than rapture.)

As I first hypothesized about the neuromuscular influence on this condition, I made another observation: Many men with the condition also described a marked decrease or absence of semen during ejaculation, or, in some, a delayed dripping of the ejaculate. This certainly exacerbated their anxiety as many men justifiably wondered what was happening to the fluid and was it “backing up” into their already allegedly inflamed sex organs. But of course this was not the case.

Easier Said Than Done
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Yikes! - Get Back

by weepingwillowb

Had to finish work early yesterday evening with a painful back. It had come on at noon,eased off a little after an hour so I went in to work where it gradually got worse again. Despite taking painkillers I gave up 45 minutes before the end of my shift.
Feeling somewhat better this morning and will take more painkillers as soon,or if,I need them. Getting old,eh :-(


by 1crazycanibal

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