Perineum pain in men

The agonising male 'cystitis' that affects half of all men

Four years ago, Phil Goswell began to experience lower back pain and thought he'd overdone his training for the London Marathon. The 49-year-old company director took a couple of days off work but the pain actually worsened.

"It went from an ache in my lower back to an agonising stabbing sensation in my pelvic area, groin and testicles - and would come and go without warning, " he recalls.

During one such flare-up, Phil made an appointment to see his GP in Camberley, Surrey. "But by the time I got there, the pain had completely gone. I felt a fraud wasting his time." He was told to rest, take ibuprofen and return if it worsened.

Phil managed to complete the marathon, but as the months passed, he experienced frequent painful flare-ups. "They would start in the morning with a dull ache, then as the day went on it would turn into stabbing pains in my groin and testicles.

"Eventually, I would be doubled up in agony and would have to go to bed. Then I'd wake up a few hours later to find the pain had gone, thinking 'what was that all about?'."

Over the next year, Phil returned to his GP's surgery several times but none of the practitioners was able to shed light on the problem.

Phil managed to keep it from his workmates and didn't even tell his wife until after one attack when he was at home alone. "I experienced a burning sensation and lost control of my bladder completely.

"I was frightened, embarrassed - and in excruciating pain.

"When it happened again half an hour later, I was convinced I had something terrible like prostate cancer."

His wife Trish insisted he see the GP immediately. "I was shocked when he said my prostate was enlarged, " says Phil. He was told it was probably from an infection and prescribed strong painkillers and antibiotics.

Phil also underwent blood, urine and prostate secretion tests. These revealed he had chronic bacterial prostatitis - "a condition I'd never even heard of".

The good news was that it was treatable and not life-threatening. The bad news was that it would continue to flare up for the rest of his life.

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I can't imagine your discomfort

by menotomyhope

I had enough discomfort with my singleton and then twins. The difference was notable even prior to my first prenatal appointment. I had so much pressure/pain just at and above pubic bone that I started wearing my maternity pants about ten days after first missed period. I lost 20lbs by the 6 week mark and it took until about 26 weeks to regain the weight. After about 30 weeks I had difficulty walking due to pressure felt in perineum. I was able to ride my bike because it did not jar my pelvis. It was very difficult to get on and off the bike though (men's bike with a short child seat on back)

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