Prostate Health Formula

PHC - Prostate Health CocktailProtect Health & Male Vitality After 40

Pain SprayFACT: 1 out of 6 American men will develop prostate disease.

FACT: Half of all men 60+ already have an enlarged prostate,
an uncomfortable condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

The PHC formula was created by Jacek Pinski, MD, PhD, a recognized leader in prostate medicine. "I drew exclusively from solid scientific research conducted at leading medical institutions, " says Dr. Pinski. "The data show that the ingredients in PHC can effectively protect men’s prostate health without toxic side effects."

Jacek Pinski, MD, on his PHC formula

“Having products which are as natural as possible is not a bad idea for any man, starting around age 40.”

“And researchers are also looking to see if various natural substances can cause prostate cancer cell death in patients who’ve already developed disease, even prostate cancer.”

“Many laboratory scientists and clinicians are looking toward natural therapies, especially for preventing prostate disease. If I’m ahead of the curve, it’s only because I speculate that particular supplements and vitamins may have a positive impact on patients who’ve already developed disease. ”

Prostate Health Cocktail

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It shows that up to 30 percent of the respondents reported suffering from premature ejaculation, of them only 23 percent consulted a doctor and 52 percent openly talked with their spouse about the issue.

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