Semen is blood

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Seeing in the semen can make a man anxious. Fortunately, it doesn't always signal a major medical problem. For men younger than 40 with no related symptoms and no risk factors for underlying medical conditions, blood in semen often disappears on its own.

But for men 40 and over, chances are higher that blood in the semen needs evaluation and treatment. This is especially true for men who:

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  • Have repeated episodes of blood in the semen
  • Have related symptoms while urinating or ejaculating

Blood in the semen is called hematospermia or hemospermia. When men ejaculate, they typically don't examine their semen looking for blood. So it’s not known how common the condition is.

Causes of Blood in the Semen

Blood in the semen can come from several different sources:

Infection and inflammation. This is the most common cause of blood in the semen. Blood can come from an infection or inflammation, in any of the glands, tubes, or ducts that produce and move semen from the body. These include:

  • (the gland that produces the fluid part of semen)
  • Urethra (the tube that carries urine and semen from the )
  • Epididymis and vas deferens (tiny tube-like structures where sperm mature before ejaculation)
  • Seminal vesicles (which add more fluid to the semen)

It can also come from an (sexually transmitted disease) such as or c, or from another viral or . Infection and inflammation are the culprits behind nearly four out of every ten cases of blood in the semen.

Trauma or a medical procedure. Blood in the semen is common after medical procedures. For instance, as many as four out of five men may temporarily have blood in their semen following a prostate .

Procedures done as treatment for urinary problems can also cause mild trauma that leads to temporary bleeding. This usually disappears within several weeks after the procedure. therapy, vasectomy, and injections for can also cause blood. Physical trauma to the sex organs after pelvic fracture, injury to the testicles, excessively rigorous sexual activity or, or other injury can cause blood in the semen.

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What next after blood work & semen analysis?

by RMM_nli

Hi, I'm just looking for some insight on what others have done after getting preliminary testing done....I went to my OB after TTC for 6 months, and my husband is in the process of getting a semen analysis (had to go to PCP first, then get referral to urologist - such a hassle!!).
My blood work all came back normal. My OB gave me the option of either having a hystersalpingogram (and I have the lab slip for it) or being referred directly to an RE.
Obviously I will wait for my DH's test results to come back first. I don't think my insurance will cover the dye procedure although who knows

It is not just blood tests.

by gwsty

Male Surgical Testing
Male fertility testing can include surgical procedures such as a testicular biopsy and vasography. These tests are designed to detect blockages, as well as problems with sperm production.
Postcoital Test
A postcoital fertility test can be used to diagnose fertility problems such as hostile cervical mucus in the female. It can also be used to detect problems with the male's sperm.
Semen Analysis
Semen analysis is an infertility testing procedure that can help determine if low sperm count, motility, shape, or other male factor infertility problems are possible causes of failure to conceive

Okay, but this one is bad....

by justin_kase

So this woman was at a donation bank. She saw a guy there and she asked him if he was donating blood. He said no, he was donating semen. She asked how much he got for donating semen. He said $200 per donation. She said that's not fair, she only got $50 for donating blood.
A week later she saw him there again. This time he asked her if she was back to donate blood. She shook her head....."NO"
(I have to show a pic for proof..SFW)

Is early pregnancy sex dangerous?

by pumpkin23

I am four weeks pregnant, and found a small amount of blood mixed with my husband's semen that was expelled after we had sex. Is this a sign of a possible miscarriage? Almost 20 years ago I miscarried after a combination of vigorous sex and walking for many hours. This is my first pregnancy at age 44 and I'm hoping we didn't inflict any damage.

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