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Sexuality can be affected by cancer and its treatment. Memorial Sloan Kettering has many physicians, nurses, social workers, and psychologists who are familiar with sexual health problems as they relate to cancer treatment. Below are answers to questions that can help you address your concerns.

What are the benefits of being sexually active?

The advantages of being sexually active are physical, psychological, emotional, and rela­tional. Endorphins are released when we are sexually active, and these endorphins can elevate our mood and act as de-stressors. In the context of a relationship, being sexually active can help to maintain a couple's connection, which can be very important when one partner has a diagnosis of cancer.

How I can bring up a sexual health question with my clinician?

Sexual health can be a sensitive topic for many patients. However, it is important that you bring up sexual side effects the same as you would any other side effect.

You might ask, “Will there be any sexual side effects from this treatment?” or “What will the long-term effects of treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) be on my sexual functioning?”

During or after treatment, if you have a particular symptom or concern, the more specific you are with your healthcare provider the better he or she can address the problem. For example, you might say, “I have been experiencing discomfort during intercourse. Is there a way this pain can be relieved?” Or “My sex drive has really diminished since my treatment. Will this get better?”

Sometimes a very simple intervention can be offered by your treating healthcare provider, and sometimes a referral to a specialist may be needed. Sexual health issues are an important part of your quality of life and are absolutely appropriate to discuss with your provider.

Should I come to counseling alone or bring my partner?

We recommend that you make this decision based on several factors: the symptom or concern you have, your desire to include your partner, and your partner's interest in participating. Some couples find that a cancer diagnosis brings them closer together and thus want to come to counseling together. Here at MSKCC, half of our patients come with their partners.

If a patient has an ostomy, what suggestions do you have for couples to resume sexual activity?

For patients and their partners, an ostomy may be a barrier to satisfactory sexual relations. Many partners are turned off or worried they will hurt the patient. Many patients feel self-conscious and worry about leakage. There are things that can be done for the couple to try to smooth the adjustment to the ostomy and help them resume having sexual relations. For example, there are low-profile ostomy bags and covers that can be used and certain positions that can ease discomfort.

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"Plans for scouts to be issued with condoms and taken on trips to sexual health clinics have been roundly condemned by family campaigners.
Scout leaders are encouraged to be "realistic" about under-age sex and be prepared to offer "appropriate information" to teenagers in their troops.
Under new guidelines issued by their Scouts Association, they should feel able to hand out condoms "if they believe the young person is very likely to begin or continue having intercourse with or without contraception".

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It showed national rates of chlamydia have fallen overall between 2009 and 2013, although the number of cases found at sexual health clinics had increased by 10 per cent.

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