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HIV Foundation Qld logoThis site provides sexual health, HIV and viral hepatitis information and resources for the community, health professionals and educators.

There is a range of statewide public health initiatives to protect and promote sexual health and prevent illness. Queensland Health's work in this area is guided by Strategic Directions for Health Protection 2010 - 2013.

Work on Queensland's whole-of-government response is conducted by Queensland Health's BBVs and STIs Team in the Communicable DIseases Unit.

New documents

HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
Guideline for assessment and management of non-occupational exposures, released 14 May 2014. Download a copy here (PDF, 558kb)

Queensland Sexual Health Clinical Management Guidelines
Each chapter of the 2010 Queensland Sexual Health Clinical Management Guidelines is available here. Online chapters are updated as required.

end hiv logoQueensland HIV Strategy 2013-2015
The Queensland HIV Strategy was released on 5 September 2013. Download a copy from here.

HIV in Queensland 2012
The report on HIV diagnoses in Queensland was released on 5 September 2013. Download a copy from here.

HIV Foundation Queensland

On 28 November 2013 the HIV Foundation Queensland (HIVFQ) was formed as an independent body corporate established under the provisions of the Hospitals Foundation Act 1982. The HIVFQ has a mandate to reduce HIV rates in Queensland and work towards an HIV free generation. The HIVFQ consists of a board of eight members including the Chair, a Chief Executive Officer with policy/secretariat support. The HIVFQ replaces the former Ministerial Advisory Committee for HIV/AIDS.

A website for the HIV Foundation Queensland is under development.

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by Delta6

What is ‘safe sex’?
‘Safe sex’ is any activity through which you are at no risk of becoming infected with HIV or a sexually transmitted infection (STI). HIV is found in the blood and the sexual fluids of an infected person, and in the breast-milk of an infected woman. HIV transmission occurs when sufficient of these fluids get inside the body of an uninfected person. Sexual transmission of HIV is most common between men, and between men and women, but it does also happen between women – something that’s often ignored in sexual health information.
So safe sex is sex that doesn’t allow any infected body fluid to enter your body – and doesn’t allow you to infect your...


by poweronsfbay

Hooking up in the Peninsula? Get a coupon for FREE testing at:
www smhealth dot org/std
Tuesdays & Thursday's 4pm - 7pm.
We're the Peninsula's resource for sexual health information where anyone, gay, straight, bi-sexual, and transgender, can access information. It is like your everyday encyclopedia to sex, drugs, and HIV+ and HIV/STD Prevention. We have info on local testing resources, so come check us out!
Stay healthy!

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