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jonathan-berent1Anxiety is fear. Social anxiety is fear which is based on performance and inter-active dynamics. This fear is comprised of emotional, behavioral, physiological, and thinking processes. Social anxiety is very specific. It differs from generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder, although these characteristics often are present. Social and performance anxiety is the anxiety disorder of the millennium, given the reality that we live in a very fast paced, technological, and highly competitive society. Anxiety is a fact of life The only person that does not have anxiety is a dead person. It’s okay to have anxiety. It’s not okay to have anxiety control you!

Many millions of individuals suffer from some form of social anxiety. In fact, it’s estimated that one out of every eight people experiences some degree of social anxiety. Social anxiety is a problem characterized by the emotions of shame, humiliation and embarrassment. It is a disease of resistance.berent-basketball The result is that there are very few structured therapeutic programs available, given that most people who suffer from it are too embarrassed to even seek help.

Social anxiety affects people of all ages. It affects people from all cultures. There are many different manifestations of social anxiety, and the problem usually worsens with time. Social anxiety can be very specific – as in fear of public speaking or avoidance of restaurants. On the other hand, it can be pervasive and rule a person’s entire life. Social and performance anxiety affects people at all functioning levels – high achievers as well as the “emotionally challenged”. anxiety disorder?

by Saucy_Vixen

"Social anxiety is an experience of fear, apprehension or worry regarding social situations and being evaluated by others. People vary in how often they experience anxiety in this way or in which kinds of situations. Anxiety about public speaking, performance, or interviews is common. Social anxiety can be related to shyness. The experience is commonly described as having physiological components (e.g. sweating, blushing), cognitive/perceptual components (e.g. belief that one may be judged negatively; looking for signs of disapproval) and behavioral components (e.g. avoiding a situation)."

Seriously need help for social anxiety

by Helpforshyness

Can anyone recommend any performance type classes or classes that can help with shyness/social anxiety. I'm 25 years old and lately have been getting so anxious every time I meet new people and have to hold a conversation with them. I just feel like I'm so retarded and have nothing interesting or smart to say. I get tongue tied and flustered and can't seem to put sentences together. I really want to get promoted at work but this is seriously holding me back. I need real help, more than just people saying to act confident, etc. Has anyone tried medications for this like Lexapro or the other SSR

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