Suffering from premature ejaculation

Irish men suffering premature ejaculation urged to 'take control'

A new campaign launched today is aimed at encouraging men to talk about the problem.

A NEW CAMPAIGN has been launched today to encourage the one in five Irish men affected by premature ejaculation (PE) to ‘take control’ and talk about the rarely discussed problem.

The Irish Association of Sexual Medicine said the problem is often dismissed as stress, or ignorned because of embarrassment of reluctance to talk about it. However it is the most common sexual medical condition, affecting more men than erectile dysfunction.

The ‘Take Control’ campaign, launched today by the association and TV personality Dr Christian Jessen, aims to raise awareness of the condition to encourage men to be more open about it. The campaign includes a dedicated website which offers information on PE and advice on how to talk to your doctor about it.

“PE is one of the last remaining sexual taboos and so many men who suffer from it find it embarrassing and difficult to talk about, ” commented Dr Jessen at the launch today. “Leaving it unaddressed can have a very negative impact upon men’s confidence and their overall wellbeing, not to mention their relationships.”

New research has found that 85 per cent of Irish people think it is important to their overall relationship to satisfy their partner sexually.

Trish Murphy, a psychotherapist who has worked with many men and their partners who suffer from the condition, said she has seen firsthand how it can negatively affect intimacy.

“The potential shame and embarrassment combined with anger and frustration for men and their partners can create a vicious cycle that compounds the problem and limits the chances of reclaiming lost intimacy, ” she explained. “These psychosexual aspects underline the importance of sexual counselling and the treatment of the couple in finding solutions.”

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