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Tantus Silicone Prostate Health Anal Toy Review

Tantus Silicone Prostate Health Anal ToyNovember 03rd, 11 • Posted by Mistress Kay • No Comment

The Tantus Silicone Prostate Health toy is a silicone anal toy sold by FunWares. The intended use of this anal toy is for prostate pleasure. The toy is about four inches long and about an inch at the widest point. It’s made of silicone, and it includes a bullet hole at the base.

Tantus Silicone Prostate Health Anal ToyThe packaging is typical of all Tantus packaging. It comes in a plastic box that shows off the toy on the inside. The plastic is a bit flimsy, so it won’t hold up to items being placed on top of it. As the packaging is also much bigger than the toy itself, I wouldn’t recommend keeping the packaging around for storage. The packaging also holds the bullet vibrator that comes with the toy.

Tantus Silicone Prostate Health Anal Toy

The Tantus Silicone Prostate Health sex toy has an interesting shape. At the base, there are a couple ridges, and the base is really thick. At the bottom of the shaft, there are some other ridges, but for most people, I don’t think you’ll really be taking too much of those ridges internally as they’re so close to the base. At the top, there’s an obvious prostate curve to be able to provide prostate pleasure while using this anal toy. The entire toy is made of silicone, and it’s the nice kind of silicone! It isn’t sticky or tacky at all, and while it isn’t silky, it certainly is much more smooth than a lot of Tantus silicone.Tantus Silicone Prostate Health Anal Toy This helps it go in more easily, and it doesn’t require nearly as much lubricant as some other toys do. As you are using it anally, though, please make sure to cover it in lubricant for a more pleasurable experience.

The Tantus Silicone Prostate Health sex toy also includes a bullet vibrator. This vibrator comes straight with batteries, and it can be unwrapped and used right after getting it. The bullet takes watch batteries, and it can be removed from the base of the toy or inserted into the base of the toy for vibrations. I would recommend making sure to place a drop of lubricant in the bullet hole before inserting the bullet to be able to remove the bullet more easily afterward. The bullet doesn’t provide very strong vibrations, but it will add a slight vibration to the toy. Don’t expect it to be orgasm-by-vibrations, but it will definitely add a little bit to your experience. With the bullet inserted, though, the toy doesn’t sit flat like it would without the bullet in it, so that’s something to consider.

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Not a good breakfast

by Notgoodbreakfast

Too much dairy in it. Dairy is known to cause certain cancers, breast, prostate, ovarian. Try experimenting with nut milks like almond milk or things like rice milk and soy milk.
Or why not try a real foods breakfast such as a bran muffin with a piece of fruit. Or whole wheat toast with peanut butter.
Yogurt, whey, and non fat milk are not health foods, despite what the dairy industry tells you.

The estrogenic effects

by strengthofaspiral

Are not harmful to men.
Let's use our heads and look at the cultures that have been eating soy for thousands of years. The Japanese and the Chinese. I don't see the men having boobs or dying early.
The "alternative" look at soy is just unscientific nonsense. The fact is that medical science is looking into soy as a benefit to men's health to reduce the incidence of prostate cancer.

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