Test for blood in urine

Cocaine Test

Cocaine Coke HeaderDrug tests looking for cocaine and other drugs are routinely used by employers who hire workers in certain job categories. The test may be ordered once an offer of employment has been made and before the employee starts work. Failing to pass the test means the job offer will be rescinded.

Drug Testing Basics

  • o Amphetamines
  • o Cannabinoids (marijuana and hashish)
  • o Cocaine
  • o Opiates (heroin, morphine, codeine)
  • o Phencyclidine (PCP)

Coke Testing Methods

Testing methods used to detect benzoylecgonine, which is the marker for cocaine, may be in the following forms:

  • Blood test
  • Hair sample test
  • Saliva test
  • Urine test

Blood Testing for Flake

A blood test is most likely to be used to determine whether an individual is under the influence of a drug at any given time. It is the most invasive form of testing and must be conducted in a medical laboratory. This is the most expensive type of test, but it is also the most accurate.

Hair Testing for Snow

A hair sample test involves taking a small sample of hair (approximately the diameter of a pencil and 1.5 inches long) from the head of the individual being tested. This method is more expensive than conducting a urine test. The average cost of this method is in the $100-$150 range.

A person is more likely to test positive on a hair test than one using a urine sample. A hair sample test for cocaine can detect the presence of the drug quite readily. Since the tracers can move up and down the hair shaft, it isn't considered a reliable indicator of when the drug was used and for how long. A hair test can reveal cocaine use up to 90 days after use.

Snow Detection in Saliva

Saliva tests are becoming more popular for detecting illicit drug use, since they are relatively non-invasive and are less expensive than hair or blood testing. This method is easy to administer to testing subjects and the samples are forwarded to a laboratory for analysis. Coke can be detected in saliva for 24 hours after use.

This type of testing doesn't have any nationally-adopted standards or cutoffs for determining the cutoff for a positive test. The test results vary, depending on the brand selected for the test, which may make this method less reliable than other available options.

Urine Tests for Cocaine Use

A popular choice for cocaine testing is to have the subject provide a urine sample. A urine test is relatively inexpensive and can detect relatively recent (within the past seven days) use as well as long-term exposure to the drug.

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Was it a blood or urine test?

by courtappointedcat

A blood test will quantitate if the drug was taken an hour ago or a year ago. A urine test will not.
The OP should attend the arraignment pro se, see what the blood test says, and see if the prosecutor even continues prosecuting this.
If so, then hire a lawyer.
$5000 for a misdemeanor criminal defense in Georgia. I would ask around, that sounds a bit steep. I would think a $2500 retainer at $200 per hour is at the high end of hourly fees for Georgia, and 12 hours ought to go pretty far- perhaps everything except a trial.

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