Upper back pain

The 5 Best Solutions & What to Avoid

upper back pain treatmentYour upper back has an important job. It’s responsible for keeping your back stable and helping to protect organs like your heart and lungs. It doesn’t flex or move nearly as much as your lower back, and for this reason it’s far less susceptible to degeneration and injury.

But when upper back pain does occur, it can be debilitating, leading to shooting pains and muscle stiffness that can make simple activities like brushing your teeth or driving a car unbearable. Upper back pain can also be dull and nagging, a constant reminder of years of insidious “abuse” to your back …

Do you …

  • Carry a heavy backpack?
  • Have poor posture while sitting or standing?
  • Engage in repetitive motions, such as using a shovel for digging?

These common activities and conditions can contribute to muscle imbalances that cause upper back pain over time. Preventing this type of pain means taking time to stretch and rebalance your muscles regularly throughout the day, and avoiding activities that put strain on your upper back muscles.upper back pain treatment Most people don’t stop to think about this until back pain has already occurred. While this means some damage has already been done, it’s not too late to get lasting pain relief and even experience healing … provided you choose the right upper back pain treatment.

Any treatment that only temporarily covers up your symptoms while leaving the underlying muscle imbalances, inflammation, other causes of your pain untouched is not worth your time or money. Likewise for those that only treat the superficial symptoms and increase your risk of serious side effects like heart problems, painkiller addiction, liver damage and more. Unfortunately, these descriptions apply to the vast majority of upper back pain treatments being offered by conventional doctors, which are often medications such as:

  • Tylenol: A leading cause of liver failure

As for surgery, this is still a rare occurrence for upper back pain (surgery for back pain is only performed in about 5% of all cases, and only 1% of all disc herniations occur in the upper back, due to its stability). This is fortunate because, as with pain medications, surgery does nothing to address the reasons why your back pain likely developed.

We’re glad you asked, because there are many options you probably aren’t aware of that can work wonders for your pain, and unlike the go-to treatments listed above, will actually help heal the underlying triggers of your pain at the same time.

5. Have a Desk Job? Get a Chair That Supports Your Back

It’s essential to address this ongoing cause of upper back pain; if you don’t, any steps you take to resolve your pain will be counteracted by poor posture that will cause your pain to continue. So if you sit at a desk all day, make sure you are using a proper ergonomic back-supportive office chair and use this mid-back stretch to keep your thoracic region open and well-balanced.

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Upper back pain

by KronchArmyWife

I am having terrible back pain. It is mostly in my upper back and feels almost like a pinched nerve but without having that one spot to know where it is coming from. Every time I take a breath it hurts very bad so small inhales is all I can do. I couldnt sleep last night from the pain. I had to stay on my left side to try and help it a little. I am just wondering if I should go to the doctor or not. Have any of you ladies had this? Doesn't seem to effect baby because he is still super active.

Back in the 70's

by obamabadguy

The Gov. funded a study to determine if Draftsmen should sit or stand while they work. The conclusion was that those who stand suffer from lower back pain. Those who sit have upper back pain. And, ... employers should let the Draftsmen do what they want. Alternate even.
The Government also funds the National Pickle Institute which is studing how increase the shelf life of pickles. Has any one ever had a pickle spoil?
The Government should study how to reduce Government spending. I guarantee you the answer would not be to eliminate Government funded Studies.

How was he damaged??

by john_grover

Well, the ambulance, doctor bills and hospital ER bills (15,000 dollars combined: hard economic damages) must pale in comparison to the horrendous pain and suffering he endured and is continuing to endure: he is constatntly on Vicodin for pain
how much is a horrible constant neck (head and upper back pain) worth in terms of dollars and cents?? good question.....
does not the misery of a human being amount to anything??
maybe punitive damages because the idiots failed to lock the bathroom door as they should have????
his emotions are damaged because

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