Urinating blood

Peeing Blood

Peeing blood may be associated with different causes such as kidney stones, urinary stone and urinary tract infection. Sometimes symptoms go away on their own, but in severe conditions proper medical consultation must be done to get adequate treatment of the underlying condition.

If you are peeing blood, you may be concerned about why it happens and what happens next. It can be a scary situation to see blood in the urine, because urine is normally light-colored and clear. However, although it may be caused by a variety of factors, it is rarely life threatening in itself.

Peeing blood is medically known as hematuria. This may occur as having pink, bright red, or brownish blood while urinating. In some people however, hematuria may be discovered only as a laboratory finding, when only very few blood cells are seen in the urine under microscopic examination. In any case, it is not normal to see blood in urine, so it is best to consult a doctor to get the proper diagnosis and treatment of its underlying cause.

Hematuria is usually not accompanied by other symptoms, although in some, depending on the underlying cause, pain may be present while urinating. Peeing blood with blood clots may be accompanied by pain during urination.

Causes and Treatments of Peeing Blood

Blood in urine may come from any part of the urinary tract, from the kidneys down to the urethra and external genitals. A number of conditions can cause blood cells to leak into one's urine, including:

1. Urinary Tract Infection

Bacterial invasion and multiplication in any part of the urinary tract can cause one to pee blood. This is often associated with symptoms like burning pain during urination, urgency, and foul-smelling urine. However, some people, especially the elderly are not aware of the presence of an infection and may not detect blood in the urine. Blood cells in these cases are often detected in a urine exam.

Treatment of urinary tract infections involve taking of appropriate antibiotics to kill the offending organisms. These may be taken for 3-14 days, depending on the type of infection.

2. Pyelonephritis

Infection of the kidney occurs when bacteria from the urinary bladder move upstream to the kidney, causing pus formation and bleeding. A kidney infection or pyelonephritis is often accompanied by fever and pain in the side (flank pain).

You will need antibiotics to eradicate the infection and antipyretics like acetaminophen to treat the fever.

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You are so completely un0informed that it's

by postinuttin

Actually rather hilarious.
uh..primary doctors DO NOT see their pt's in the hospital, now a days-they have 'hospitalists' that manage the pt's and turn them back over to their PMD once discharged.
i've been an Er and ICU nurse for over 15yrs- not familiar with a 'hernia' type failure of one side of a heart, let alone how the hell that has ANYTHING to do with urinating blood. let alone how any high blood pressure might affect it.
30k in debt? bullshit. 2weeks in the icu plus treatment is gonna be 70k+, easy. what's her insurance pay? this was last year, so...what did the billing dept and social workers do to help her out with her share? any reason she can't pay back $200/mo for the next 20yrs?
you have provided no info indicating how a doctor failed to do...

You are the best

by tomcat0010

Thank you so much.
I'll make an appointment asap.
Epididymitis was the worst thing my body's ever gone through. One day, I found a painful lump and by the next day, my scrotum was the size of a softball and I was urinating blood.
I can handle pain WAY easier than I can handle how scary it is.
You're a blessing. Thanks again.

Australia watches as death looms in Nauru asylum

by camp-

Two years after Australia introduced its so-called "Pacific Solution" for asylum-seekers, eight Afghans on the remote island of Nauru were taken to hospital yesterday after refusing food and water for almost a week.
The eight are among 284 people, including 93 children, being held in a detention camp on the South Pacific island in conditions condemned as deplorable by refugee advocates. Campaigners claim that several protesters are urinating blood, and fear they may be close to death. Twenty-four men - 23 Afghans and one Pakistani - have joined a hunger strike that started last Wednesday in protest at Australia's refusal to grant them refugee status

A LOT of pain when urinating!!

by pic_chick

And I even peed blood one time.
Bladder infections can be common during pregnancy though, I never had one during my 3 previous pregnancy (or my life!). However, there are antibiotics that your doc can prescribe that are OK for pregnant women and really work!
If you think you have one, call your doc, it is better to cure it early before you get other complications that could send you to the hospital.
good luck!

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INDIA: Custodial deaths and torture by police must end in Meghalaya  — Asian Human Rights Commission News
CSWO has received information that he has been beaten up mercilessly and was hospitalized as he sustained internal injuries. He was vomiting and urinating blood. He was again 'suspected' of having links with a group United A'chik Liberation Army UALA.

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Late last year, DeWenter said, she struggled to find an appointment for a Navy veteran who reported urinating blood.

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She finally had an appointment available for a Navy veteran who had come to the VA months earlier urinating blood. “I called the family. And that's when I found out that he was dead,” she said. Turning point. DeWenter would not tell CNN the patient's name.

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