Vitamins For Reproductive Health

Natural Foods & Vitamins for the Male Reproductive Organs

Natural Foods & Vitamins for the Male Reproductive OrgansA nutritious, balanced diet promotes men's reproductive and overall health. Photo Credit kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

As a male, your reproductive organs include your testicles and your penis. Your testicles produce sperm, and your penis allows for urination and intercourse. Health problems that may affect your reproductive organs include epididymitis, or inflamed testicles, testicular cancer and infertility, which affects one in six couples, according to the American Dietetic Association. A nutritious, balanced diet may help prevent or manage these conditions and your overall health.

Eat plenty of whole grains.Natural Foods & Vitamins for the Male Reproductive Organs Photo Credit Anna Gugnina/iStock/Getty Images

All grains provide glucose, which is your body's main dietary source of energy. Unlike refined grains, whole grains have not been stripped of valuable vitamin, mineral, fiber or protein content during food processing. As low-glycemic foods, they have a mild impact on your blood sugar. Abnormally high blood sugar damages the nerves that control blood flow into your penis, according to Wahida Karmally, director of nutrition at the Irving Center for Clinical Research at Columbia University Medical Center, which increases your risk for erectile dysfunction. (See References 2) Blood sugar imbalances also increase your risk for type 2 diabetes. To avoid these risks, replace refined foods, such as white bread and enriched pasta, with whole-grain foods, such as oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa and air-popped popcorn.

Tofu is a great source of protein. Photo Credit Eva Gruendemann/iStock/Getty Images

Protein supports lean tissue growth and repair and strong immune function. A diet rich in fatty foods, such as red and processed meats, can reduce your testosterone levels, according to "The Male Body: An Owner's Manual" by Winston Caine and Perry Garfinkel. Eating too much saturated fat also increases your risk for prostate cancer. Lean, protein-rich alternatives include fish, skinless white-meat poultry, low-fat dairy products, tofu, beans and lentils. Low-fat milk and yogurt are valuable sources of vitamin D - a nutrient that helps your reproductive system and body function well.

Natural Foods & Vitamins for the Male Reproductive Organs Natural Foods & Vitamins for the Male Reproductive Organs
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Top 10 Foods for Women's Health

by LoveMyPitbulls

1) Raw Chocolate
• Improves mood by increasing serotonin and other positive brain chemicals.
• Contains magnesium -- good for heart health, insomnia, bone density, hormonal balance.
• High in Vitamin C and electrolytes.
• High in antioxidants -- slower aging, disease prevention.
2) Maca
• Incredible hormone regulation from the top down -- works from pituitary gland.
• Adrenal support for strong, steady energy

Do you show her? Has she had all her health test

by countreeprincess

Do you understand that she could dier during labor,she could require a c-section(approx 600.00) that the pups could die or you could be stuck raising them. It may change her temperment and it does raise her risk for reproductive cancers. She could get milk fever and die or you would have to raise the pups because she couldn't nurse them.
Chihuahuas have an average litter of 3.
The stud fee is usually pick of the litter or price of a puppy.
She will need prenatal vitamins,vet exams(at least 2)very good food and you will spend lots of time caring for both her and the puppies

Maybe add some

by becasquared

Essential oils to the diet? Like maybe Salmon Oil? It's high in vitamin E. . .(Stay away from flax seed oil though!!
Dietary fats perform several functions They are the most concentrated energy source of all nutrients, and increase palatability and texture to cat foods. They are also important in carrying the fat soluble vitamins, A, D and E. Fat is essential to the cat's diet as it supplies the essential fatty acids (EFAs), linoleic and arachidonic acids, which play key roles in maintaining the general health of the cat and are vital in many body systems including the skin, kidneys and reproductive organs

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