Ways to increase Libido

The Female Libido: How to Increase Your Sex Drive


It's tough to get excited about sex when the Pill's killing your sex drive. Here's what the latest research says on how to reclaim it

The not-so-sexy truth:
In the past decade, researchers have found that hormonal contraceptives-including the Pill, the Patch, and the vaginal ring-can dampen how often women want, think about, and even respond to sexual stimulation. And an online Women's Health poll backs that up: We found that 36 percent of you firmly believe the Pill muffles your mojo.

Unfortunately, no official stats are available on how prevalent this problem really is. When asked to estimate how many of their patients on the Pill have suffered a blow to their libido, doctors' answers range from 10 percent to 40 percent-though some sexual-health specialists argue that 40 percent is a lot closer to reality.

The phenomenon may be underestimated because many docs simply aren't clued in to the, well, ins and outs of their patients' sex lives. "Sex drive is not a subject most doctors are comfortable discussing, because it's not something they learn about in detail in medical school, " says Irwin Goldstein, M.D., director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego. And while some European countries, including Germany, list decreased desire as a side effect on birth-control packages, there are no printed warnings about it in the United States.

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Then I would look into your emotional state

by tantra-woman-

And your physical state. Exercise can increase libido, reading about ways to increase desire can as well. Also, let your man read about how to stave off his own orgasm so he can increase yours (and his) pleasure. There are lots of ways to tactfully approach this by taking the lead in the bedroom. If he's smart, he'll love it.

Agree on the meds,but also other ways

by austingeekgirl

hrt effects are not "linear" where you double the
dose and achieve twice the effects,but instead
doze x.5 results = .75
dose x1.0 results = 1.0
dose x2.0 results = 1.5
dose x4.0 results = 2.0
BUT in many cases with many people,by doubling your
doze you CAN get double the amount of negative side effects. (clotting issues, breast cancer risk,lethargy,lowered libido,etc)
I. Exercise and diet
A. you can change your body MORE with the same dose
levels by increasing the level and speed of

I wonder...

by FlavorStar

It sounds like she is experiencing low libido.
I suggest spending a little time researching ways to help increase her libido. Involve her in this quest, as there are many things that could be contributing factors.
This is supposedly coming to market soon. Maybe it will help.

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