What are symptoms for anxiety?

What are anxiety symptoms

Anxiety symptoms are actually symptoms of stress. Many refer to these symptoms as anxiety symptoms because anxiety stresses the body, and once the body is stressed it produces symptoms of being stressed.

For the sake of clarity, we’ll also refer to them as anxiety symptoms, for now.

Anxiety symptom: a physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual anomaly. Anxiety can cause physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual symptoms.

The body produces anxiety symptoms to let us know that something is not functioning normally. The body uses symptoms to communicate that we are, or something is, doing harm to the body. It is trying to get our attention so that we’ll take action to stop the harm.

Anxiety symptoms aren’t sensations we need to be afraid of. But they are warning signs that we need to take corrective action to prevent further harm. Anxiety symptoms are messages designed to protect us, and not to harm us.

There is a long list of anxiety symptoms. But because each body is somewhat chemically unique, anxiety affects each person differently. Anxiety symptoms will vary from person to person in type or kind, number, intensity, and frequency.

For example, one person may experience only a few minor anxiety symptoms, while another person may experience the majority of anxiety symptoms to great intensities. All combinations are possible and common.

Anxiety symptoms can range from mild to severe, from only one symptom to all of them, and can be sporadic, frequent, or persistent. Again, all combinations are possible and common.

NOTE: The Symptoms Listing section in the members area of our website contains detailed information about most of the symptoms commonly associated with anxiety. This information includes the sensations commonly experienced, whether it is an anxiety symptom or not, what causes them to occur, and what you can do to reduce and eventually eliminate them. This information generally isn’t found elsewhere.

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by equityisequal

Now i have something to say,40 years ago there was nothing to prescribe for enxiety or sleep problems other than the benzo diazipine class of drugs, now there countless other frugs that are much more complicated and far less effective that they perscribe people for these symptoms, now adas, why is this happening when they have started the legalization and promotion of speed for Attention disorders, what if i have a sleep disorder or an anxiety disorder, they use all these new drugs that make you angry\kind of sedated and pissed off. Bezos are not like heroin, which should be legal,in the sense of addiction potential, I have the right to use closly monitored things to make me feel better and sleep or not fdreak out when im freaking out

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Search for RSD, I have RSD inmy right hand, wrist & arm. And right gums/mouth. I have chronic migraines. And anxiety attacks caued by my sympathetic nervous system misfiring.
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extreme sensitivity to touch
[For a complete description of CRPS symptoms, please read the Diagnosis section of the Clinical Practice Guidelines section of this website

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