White blood Cells in urine

Why Are There White Blood Cells In My Dog Or Cat's Urine?

RoN Hines DVM PhD

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White Blood Cells In Your Pet's Urine

WBCs leukocytes

A microscopic examination for the presence of white blood cells is a standard part of your dog or cat ’s complete . Vets like me are happiest when very few or none are seen.

The number of white blood cells in your dog or cat’s urine is recorded as the number seen through a microscope using the high power lens (#/HPF). Less than four or five is considered OK. When there are more, it is a sign of inflammation – usually a bacterial infection somewhere in the pet’s urinary tract (pyuria). The white blood cells are usually neutrophils. Often bacteria can be seen as well.

However, that does not mean that bacteria are the underlying cause of your pet’s urinary tract infection – they rarely are. The presence of stones (calculi of oxalate, struvite, etc), retention of urine due to neurological problems (spinal cord injuries), birth defects in the architecture of the urinary tract or tumors in the tract can be the real underlying causes. The problem is also more common in female pets (primarily dogs) that were spayed too young – particularly if they are overweight as well.

White blood cells are more difficult to identify in urine that has a pH over 7 (alkaline) which is, in itself, worrisome. They are also more likely to break up and become invisible (lyse) when urine is very dilute or when the sample is stale. Your pet’s first urine of the morning is always the most informative to veterinarians.

WBCs in your pet’s urine can be detected in other ways. These WBCs (leukocytes) contain esterases that turn a square portion of many urine dipsticks purple.
Bleach used to rinse containers in which urine is collected can cause false positive reactions.

Routine OB visit

by madsmomma

All is well, heard Heartbeat it sounded great... I have been having problems with high BP & heart Palp. I was going to go on meds for BP if it was hight today but it was perfect 123/84 hope it stays that way. But still have heart palp. seeing the cardiologist again next fri for a ultrasound of my heart. Had high white Blood cells in Urine.... Dr thinks it is UTI but having Lab look at it anyways. I will be 18 weeks friday & won't have my Big Ultrasound for another 6-8 weeks :(

I am sueing a hospital for failure to diagnose

by ILoveAPBT

I took my 5 yr old son in to the ER last Wednesday for a high fever and he was sleeping all day and his lips were so dry and cracked. so we get there and they do blood test and urine test. the blood test comes back that his white blood cells were high, so she told me she was going to give him fluids cause she believed he was dehydrated. she said after we give him fluids we will test his blood again and see if the white blood cell count went down. well they let us go and told us to keep him drinking fluids and do Tylenol every 4 hrs and motrin every 6hrs. so i did as they told me. well the next day his stomach hurt him so bad that he could not bend it or use the lower muscle

First appointment done with question

by 2angels1inheaven

Hi there all! I just came from my first appointment and my due date has changed by one day from Jan 24 to the 25th. I go in for my first ultrasound on The 15th of next month and can hardly wait...
I am just starting to get "sick" with this one. With my m/c and with my 1st child, I was SO sick through the first 4-5 months and lost 15 pounds in the first trimester alone. Couldn't keep water or crackers down. Any ideas or help on ways to get rid of the nausea?
Also, my urine test came back with high leukocytes. She said it was white blood cells and it was +2. The nurse told me that the dr would call me later and explain what that means, but I want to know now instead of waiting! Any clue? Also they are doing a CF (cystic fibrosis) test on me

Dear aching penis

by NPChuck_SFDPH

Sounds like you have an infection in your penis. The symptoms you describe don't sound like syphilis symptoms at all so its no surprise that test was negative.
Chlamydia could cause your symptoms but you've ruled that out with the negative test result. You might have gonorrhea and need would still need a urine test for that.
And also, you need to have your urine examined under the microscope for the prescence of white blood cells that could confirm
a urethral infection with bacteria other than gonorrhea or chlamydia.
If you'd like to come in to City Clinic we'd be glad to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation

Trying to figure out what this might mean....

by whiteglove

I get alerts when new test results come in, so I have to wait for my doc to tell me what this might mean:
Urine White Blood Cells: 10-25 Standard is (0-5)
Urine Red Blood Cells: 50-100 Standard is (0-2)
Urine Epithelial Cells: Moderate Squamous epithelial
Urine Bacteria: Moderate

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